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  1. US Engineers Recruiting

    A small correction to our previous post.

    We are a small unit reenacting the role of the Regular Army Engineers, Company A, also known as "The Old Company". We perform the duties of the Engineers...
  2. US Engineer Bn. is recruiting in Western NY

    THe US Engineer Bn. is recruiting private soldiers and NCOs (We have no officers!). We're based in the Buffalo NY area but have members as far away as DC. Engineering experience is a great thing...
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    Fantastc Event in all respects

    You said it! What a great event. Pete Berezuk deserves praise for the vision and determination to see the construction of those pontoons through from start to finish. Our group, the US Engineers,...
  4. US Engineer Bn. is recruiting in Western NY

    We are a small teen acting/ living history unit portraying Co. A of the battalion- "The Old Company"

    Take a look at our website to see what we're about.
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    Co. A US Engineers is Recruiting

    Located in the Western NY area near Buffalo. We are a small unit dedicated to reenacting the role of Federal Regular Army Engineers. We perform basic topography, light construction of field works...
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    cosgood, we reenact the US Engineers so I may...

    cosgood, we reenact the US Engineers so I may have some info for you about them. Check our website and feel free to contact me if you like.

    We are out of the...
  7. US Engineers (Regular) Looking for loyal men to serve the Union

    Co. A US Engineers (Regular) is looking for stout hearted men of Union to fill the ranks of the Company. Located in Western NY near Buffalo we are a small support unit looking to add a few able...
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    Engineer Unit Needed?? Maybe we can help.

    "If there were fortifications 150 years ago let us get out there with our canteen halves and cups and dig away! Help us find a Pioneer or engineer unit to bum a shovel and pick from"

    We started...
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    Great Info on the Bridging

    Thanks for the links to the bridge info. I just bought them for our Engineer unit. If anyone knows of other tomes which would be advantageous to our unit I'd be very appreciative.

    The US...
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    Federal Engineers are ready to go!

    Just sent in my request for registration info. What a great opportunity for our Engineer Unit.

    1st Sgt. Raymond Ball
    Co. A US Engineer Bn.
  11. Western NY Recruiting Engineers for US Regulars

    We are presently forming Co. A of the US Engineer Bn. (Regular) in the Western NY/ Buffalo area.

    If interested please contact Ray Ball at or visit our web site at...
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