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  1. New Silk reproduction handkerchiefs being offered by South Union Mills

    South Union Mills would like to announce that we have two new handkerchiefs, both 100% silk, that have been added to our authentic reproduction handkerchief offerings. Be sure to get one or both of...
  2. New Hampshire handkerchief now available! In stock and shipping!

    New handkerchief now available! We are excited to introduce the newest of our reproduction Civil War handkerchief offerings! This handkerchief, now in my private collection, belonged to Lt. S. Millet...
  3. "One of a Kind" Repro Coverlets and Blankets in Stock WHILE THEY LAST!!

    I have several one of a kind reproduction coverlets and blankets in stock and available while they last (and that's no gimmick, there are ones and twos of most of these). These are some of the best...
  4. AoT Documented Handkerchief Now Available!

    AoT Handkerchief now available!
    W.C. Wyatt - Gid Nelson Light Artillery (Alabama) Handkerchief

    This handkerchief...
  5. Blue jean "Pea Ridge" style blankets are here and Jean blankets back in stock!

    This blanket is woven in the style of a blanket that was picked up on the Pea Ridge, Arkansas, battlefield in 1862 and brought home by a Federal soldier. This blanket is being offered in medium blue...
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    Pea Ridge blankets in stock!

    This blanket is a faithful reproduction in the style of a blanket that was picked up on the Pea Ridge, Arkansas, battlefield in 1862 and brought home by a Federal soldier. This blanket is being...
  7. Lt. John Selden (2nd Co. Richmond Howitzers) Reproduction Hanky now available!!

    Lt. Selden hankerchief now available! The original of this handkerchief is in the Selden collection in the Museum of the Confederacy, along with Lt. Selden's frock coat, trousers, shirt, and other...
  8. New blankets available for immediate shipment!

    Now available for immediate shipment! New Homespun Jean Cloth blankets...these blankets are a great new addition to our stock. These blankets are woven from cotton and wool and are available in tan...
  9. William Kean Richmond Howitzers Handkerchief Now IN STOCK!!

    This handkerchief is in stock and ready for immediate wait!!

    During the battle of Gettysburg, William Kean, of 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers, gave his handkerchief to Pvt. William...
  10. Joseph Arnold Handkerchief available for IMMEDIATE shipment!

    For those who haven't seen this handkerchief or ordered, they are in stock and shipping daily. Final shipments of pre-orders are being completed now and luckily there are some handkerchiefs left over...
  11. FREE SHIPPING (limited time) at South Union Mills

    FREE SHIPPING on all new orders from now through next Friday, 5/16/14. Take advantage of this deal and get a pair of socks or twenty.....

    Go to to take advantage of this...
  12. WTB Quality black frock or sack coat in approx size 46

    Anyone have one they want to part with? Anyone have the one I sold 5 years or so ago?? LOL
  13. Joseph Arnold Handkerchief size


    It's 21x19, which is the size of the original.
  14. Still have some handkerchiefs available and picture of Lt. Joseph Arnold

    If you haven't already ordered, do so quickly as these will ship in a couple of weeks! No more like these anywhere.

    For your viewing enjoyment, here is a picture of Lt. Arnold and his company of...
  15. Joseph Arnold Handkerchief now available for order!!

    Currently in the collection of the Oshkosh Public Museum. We were given permission by the museum to reproduce this handkerchief and a portion of the proceeds from its sale will be returned to the...
  16. "Galloway" Handkerchiefs now in stock and shipping! All socks & knit goods in stock!

    The Galloway handkerchiefs have arrived and are being shipped. If you have already ordered, expect to receive delivery in the next week.

    There are some still available, THEY ARE NOT SOLD OUT,...

    That should work. The links are a funny thing, they work and then they don't!

    Thanks for letting me know.
  18. "Galloway" Repro Civil War Handkerchief Now Available!

    This new reproduction Civil War handkerchief is the product of many months of research, design, and work. Faithfully reproduced from an original handkerchief in a private collection, our reproduction...
  19. I'll take the knapsack. Let me know how you'd...

    I'll take the knapsack. Let me know how you'd like payment.
  20. Hey Lidsey, interested in some items,(trousers,...

    Hey Lidsey, interested in some items,(trousers, vests sack coat) sent you a pm. Also your hat should be to you by Monday or Tuesday
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    WTB size 4-6 boys clothes.

    Looking for some clothes for my son to wear if we go to an event to peddle goods. Please let me know what you have. Civilian or military styles are fine. Thanks!!
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    Have happy feet at Gettysburg!!

    There is still time to place your order for new, comfy, socks before the Gettysburg event! Remember I now have 1 ply socks that are very light weight but still handknit and durable. I also have a...
  23. Single ply wool socks now in stock, while they last!!

    Single ply wool socks are now in stock and ready to ship to your door!! Just in time for warmer weather....

    What does single ply mean?? First, many may ask, "What does single ply mean?" When...
  24. Overshirt on hold pending receipt of funds.

    Overshirt on hold pending receipt of funds.
  25. Daley Richmond Type II, WW & Co. Illinois Jacket, Neil Sexton CS / Civilian Overshirt

    I obtained these items in a trade and am offering them for sale. They all come high quality vendors. ALL SIZES 44-46.

    1. Richmond Type II Jacket - made by Chris Daley. Has I brass buttons and is...
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