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    The short answer to your specific questions is:...

    The short answer to your specific questions is: "We don't."

    The long answer is: Very few of us simulate blood effects, and those that do, are typically portraying a medical unit or field doctor....
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I came...

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I came across a couple of item that might add to the conversation.

    This link shows a variety of period and late period rifle and pistol ammo. It shows much of...
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    Register Early and Often

    Thread bumping here.

    Looks like about 230 registered. Registration closes April 15th.

    Looking forward to taking the field in June!

    Nathan Willar
  4. Looking Forward to Volume 2

    I was able to get a copy of the first volume. Great book. I highly recommend it to those who could benefit from a general overview of many topics. It has really kick started some of my research into...
  5. This question has been asked and answered...

    This question has been asked and answered elsewhere but with lots of different responses. I'll provide my 2 cents if you'll humor me. Below is my method that works for me. It is based on my research,...
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    Either Or

    I agree that individuals do individual things. But it is interesting how individuals can follow the acts of a few and begin act as one. There was a time when the 1st Minnesota was on a road march and...
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    BBC America's "Copper"

    Has anybody had a chance to see Copper?

    I started watching the 10 episode mini-series it a few weeks back. For those who aren't familiar, it "a gripping crime drama series, set in 1864 New York...
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