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Why can't I log in?

If you have not logged in to the forums for a year or more there is a very good chance that you no longer have a username here. To remedy: Sign up as a new user .

If you've previously been logged in but now can't, double check your cookies settings. You need to accept cookies from our software

Check for any "anti-spam" or internet blocking conflicts with your system before you write to ask the Provost to fix it. 99.9% of problems are with not having a username and not having cookies enabled.

If you have logged in to the forum in the last year and are now somehow not able to get online with us, please check to make sure no one has updated a firewall somewhere and disallowed our cookie.

If you STILL can't figure out the problem, please use the CONTACT US option at the bottom of the page.

** New User information **

All new users are now immediately confirmed after the initial email verification but with limitations. I wont go into details about the limitations (why make it easier for the spammers) but you will know what they are when you start using the forum. These limitations are only temporary and will go away in a short time depending on your activity and conduct.

ALL USERS that were waiting to be validated before the date of Jan 1, 2014 have been deleted. If you signed up before then and have not been validated just signup again.

This time there will be no wait.

How to register

When you get to the main page (lobby) you will see a link in the upper left quadrant of your screen. It is labelled "Register". See "New Users" on the FAQ for what happens next.

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