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07-01-2006, 10:32 PM

The Sappers ( formally portions of the Calico Boys) are looking for authentic minded recruits willing to do the work of Engineers. Since leaving the hoby over 3 years ago, I am making my return also with a new group. The Sappers ( US and CS engineers) are an authentic minded campaign style group portraying engineers of the period. While some would say "why be an Engineer" I say Why not? A release from the vigors of an infantrymans work, and into the lifestyle of an engineer. While yes, sometimes we may have backbreaking work such as digging earthworks, Building Bridges, Corduroying roads etc... We also have the luxury of being rear area troops. Our work is done before the fight! We are what make the army move and allow them to move. If you feel up to the test and are from the Northeast drop me an email.

Casey Osgood
The Sappers