View Full Version : 145th MD Campaign Update

Wild Rover
06-30-2006, 12:41 PM
Gents and Ladies,

I have received word that Washington County Visitors Bureau is sending WMHF a cash grant to help with event expenses for next years South Mountain/Antietam event ( September 7-9, 2007), and will also be supporting all advertising as well as working with WMHF to design and print brochures and other logistical aspects.

These means more funds can be donated to Preservation and Interpretation of our shared history.

The County Planning Commision and the Visitors Bureau are now behind our effort, and we really have a chance to recapture the glory of the anniversary events.

Expanding the participation to 2000 total participants, with all CS by invitiation only (limited to 800), and with the support of the Battlefield, the Town of Boonsboro, Washington County and the premier organizations in the hobby, we hope to produce an event for the ages.

However will not, I repeat not, waiver in our dedication to history, and that the event is about history and the real Boys of 61. We will build on the success of To the Gates of Washington and the Summer of '62 to produce an even better experience for those in the ranks and the attending public.

There will be several workdays this winter, with heavy equipment to once again improve the site, and much research. All help is greatly appreciated.

I for one, am truly excited.