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07-21-2008, 10:17 AM
Wanted through out New England / NoVA area United States Colored Troop recruits. We are an existing company that typically falls in the with 54th Mass. We are a progressive minded, campaign oriented group who focus on the treatment and inequities of Negro soldier and his daily US military life.

We are not stitch counters and can help you put together all the USCT impression specifics.

Here is website of the parent organization:


As you can see I am partially banned in many forums here, including the military. I anticipate being banned entirely due to my strong vocal position on guns and gun violence which I have watched decimate our community and for being very vocal with folks who want to revise history and wave “the World’s Largest Confederate Flag” in your face in 2008. The NAACP and PUSH is preparing a program on this flag raised in Florida, history revisionists and the CW history crowd. I have pointed them in the direction of this forum to gauge race related issues in the CW history / re-enacting community which is a major incubator for this type of neo-confederate activity..

On that subject I find it interesting that moderators have gone from "as long as R_M stays in line" to de facto BANNED in the course of few hours ????? (Please see mod responses in: Is everything our children are taking from an event positive ? thread in the Whine Cellar Can someone point out other than disagreement with content that violates the CoC around here. I have read every post I made and don’t see it ???????

I have experienced on this forum what we experience everyday especially around the CW re-enacting crowd...don’t be speaking your mind, especially if it goes against what the white folks believe. And they wonder why there aren’t more minority participants.

You may reach me at my email – Rented_Mule @yahoo.com we would love to have come you out and join.

07-21-2008, 10:32 AM
Ah I see the point they are going to lynch me on.

I sent an email to a member after receiving several unsolicited hate PM's from this individual to my private account. After being told by Sgt Pepper to knock it off. I did. But I got another PM from you know who.

I suggested we settle our differences the period way with boxing match at upcoming event, we could charge admission and donate the proceeds to CWPT. I even suggested known and respected reenanctors to help pull this together.

Good period fun and preservation to boot.

This is being turned into a threat to a member by both he and the mods.

I am sorry to anyone here I offended with my response to initial attacks on my response to cheering the SCOTUS decision. I take the flag, neoconfederate SCV thing very serious. As to the boxing match..come on it will be fun and raise money to boot !!!!

Ross L. Lamoreaux
07-21-2008, 11:00 AM
You know Mr. Gilbury, I thought that perhaps it would be refreshing to have some opposing viewpoints on topics of discussion on this forum, as it does indeed get tiring to hear the same 'ol thing everyday. Heck, we even share some of the same opinions on a couple of things. There are just some places that a certain decorum is expected, and maybe by shaking things up, some people feel threatened by some of your more "extreme" thoughts (extreme is in the eye of the beholder). The one post that really made me wonder though was your above posting to recruit for the USCT, an endeavor that I absolutely applaud, as I have wished for a very long time to see more African Americans get involved with historical endeavors, particularly this era that means so much to ALL of us. I've studied with bewilderment, excitement, and sometimes horror, the foundation, use, and implementation of the USCT for several years, even contemplated writing on the subject, and quite frankly, we need people of color at living histories and reenactments to truly portray history, not just one type of people's history. I've spoken with any USCT reenactor who would talk to me at the Olustee event every year down here in Florida, and I truly wish a concerted effort could be made to recruit for this. I'm just wondering though, with your thoughts on violence, guns, and social conciousness why you would choose to reenact, and more importantly, why would you choose to recruit people for something you seem to loath? You seem through your posts to be the "anti-reenactor". Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd like to support any organized effort to get more people interested in history, but not exactly extremist history.

07-21-2008, 11:12 AM
I sent an email to a member after receiving several unsolicited hate PM's from this individual to my private account. After being told by Sgt Pepper to knock it off. I did. But I got another PM from you know who.

I suggested we settle our differences the period way with boxing match at upcoming event, we could charge admission and donate the proceeds to CWPT. I even suggested known and respected reenanctors to help pull this together.

I would be interested in seeing copies of the unsolicited hate PM's that were sent to you as these too may indeed warrant corrective measures on the part of the moderators.

Also, please wait until later this evening after I have had time to clean out my PM box if there are more than 10.

07-21-2008, 11:39 AM

Sometimes it’s hard not to blend modern political thinking and social norms to period times. Many are critical thinkers but our own modern way of thinking can sometimes be a roadblock to understanding our history.

By studying our history we can prevent mistakes we have made in the past and hopefully forge a better country, for all of us.

Our country does have a history of racism. There is no denying our social make-up. It’s a deep scar that we can’t seem to heal as a nation. I also believe that our generation has started to build that bridge of acceptance.

Guns don’t kill people. People choice to use this tool illegally for power and greed. More gun laws won’t fix our nations violence. These issues arise from our communities failures and the destruction of the family unit. 80% of all black children born in the United States are born out of wedlock. 40% of white children do not have a father or male adult role model living in their home due to divorce. This data can be found at CNN on their series “Being Black in America”. These are the seeds that breed our nation’s drug, youth, and violence issues. It’s all our youth and not any particular race that are at risk with the breakdown of the traditional family and community values. When are we going to address the real issues and stop blaming a piece of steel, plastic, & wood on our own social failures as a nation?

I also applauded any group wishing to forum a Civil War unit to educate our children about our great struggle.

I have worked with the Buffalo soldiers reenactors here in AZ and they are some top notch people. They strive to do the best impressions and have joined us for drill throughout the year. I hope this brotherhood continues.


07-21-2008, 12:22 PM
I said I was done with this forum and aside from this I am. I could not let this one go.

I came on this morning bored and have read of few of Rented_Mule's posts and we are about as opposite sides of the spectrum as you can be.

I see you run with the 54th and I wonder if you ever get to Olustee which is was a major USCT engagement ? If you are coming in Feb 09 I would invite you together w/ your USCT pards to be my guest at a lawful machine gun shoot at a State range about 5 miles away from the Olustee event site in Lake City.

With advance notice, I will provide a chauffeured rental van to carry you from the battlefield to the range and back. Additionally, I can guarantee you and your pards will each be able to experience and fire the following fully automatic firearms:

- UZI Submachine gun
- Heckler and Koch MP5
- Heckler and Koch MP5KPDW
- Colt M16
- Ak47
- Ak74su
- Ak47 Underfolder
- 28' Thompson SMG
- 46' Thompson MIA1 GI SMG
- MG42
- MAC10

I will also try and feel confident I can get a:

- M249 SAW
- Steyr AUG

This in addition to the semi-automatic equivalent of most. I will also have a variety suppressors for you to shoot from various platforms. All 100% legal. We will cater a fine Southron BBQ lunch. Range Safety oversight will be provided by a Hillsborough County SRT/SWAT Deputy and two other sworn LE officers. The Florida Defensive Carbine Club too will provide coordination and instruction as it is their home range and they are particularly interested in your HB legislation banning common rifles and shotguns.

I invite you to bring your cameras and invitees including media, but will require ample notice of the numbers for ammo / food / transportation planning purposes.

All three of the aforementioned gents and myself are SCV members with widely varying degrees of participation and involvement. I will try my best to have Nelson Winbush there as well.

It will be a picnic and bar-b-que where folks from different walks can get to know each other. Then the next time you speak about Southerners, MG's and such you will from first hand knowledge. Additionally, I consider myself a pretty fair fancier of not only CS history but Olustee in particular including the USCT. From the dogged advance of the 8th to the covering retreat and losses of the 35th, I have amassed a pretty advanced knowledge and collection of period materials and references, I used to post from them here frequently.

I really hope you will consider this if only for a chance to capture us on film for your own purposes. What an oppty right ?

Dont PM here cause I dont log on.

Reach me at Floridaconfederate@yahoo.com I will give you my telephone number.

Chris Rideout
Tampa, Florida

07-28-2008, 08:12 AM

I have tried to respond to your email but my response keeps getting kicked back as undeliverable.

Please check your email or reach out to me at the same email addy do not PM me here.

Briefly, I have arranged to have free hotel rooms provided for Sunday night after the battle in Lake City for yourself and any USCT pards that wish to stay.

Sunday 2/15 night we will dine (dinner provided) in Lake City (TBD) and meet at the hotel with black SCV members for Olustee, USCT and black CS discussions.

Monday 2/16 plans include:

Hotel breakfast.

Van ride to Ocseola National Forest Range

Florida Concealed Weapons Course and Basic Safety / Shooting Training (3hrs) You will be eligible to apply upon completion.

Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle shooting (Suppressor fire for comparison)

Lunch – Catered Southern BBQ

Machine Gun Familiarization and Training. (Small groups each with LE officer for oversight and assistance.

MG shooting.

Van ride back to hotel.

Additionally, another member has offered to bring a fine compliment of various WBTS firearms for live fire as well.

E-mail me. NO PM's (I don't log on or post here any longer)