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Wild Rover
06-20-2006, 09:30 AM
Gents and Ladies,

In consultation with the South Mountain State Battlefield and the Town of Boonsboro, we have decided to move the date of the 145th Event to September 7-9, 2007.

The event will be held on the Boonsboro site, with activites planned as well for the actual Battlefield. For this event will we have the full support of the Town and the State Battlefield.

This event is brought to you by the Western Maryland Heritage Foundation, who have brought you such events as Fire on the Mountain (2000), To the gates of Washington (2004) and the Summer of '62 (2005).

WMHf is a smaller organization, and all reenactors are encouraged to take ownership of the event, and work together at various work days and meetings.

We will feature fully researched scenarios from both South Mountain and Antietam, based upon specific unit actions and first person accounts. To maintain proper force ratios, the Artillery, Cavalry and all Confederate Participants will be by invite only. Our goal is 1800-2000 participants, the majority in Blue. I have begun to contact folks from the Mounted Arms and the Artillery to get their imput from conception, so that they are not a side show, but are an important aspect of the event, within historical context. Neither Kevin or I will will allow improper force ratios at any scenario.

I also look to work with the civilians to create meaningful scenarios for them, once again within historical context.

Kevin Air will be my counterpart as Federal Commander and I will be leading the States Rights Forces. In the past we have enjoyed the partnership with our brethen from the West, and look forward to their support of this effort. Chris Daley will be returning as our Sutler coordinator.

The event web site will be located at the Western Maryland Site, www.wmhf.org, and will be updated as we move forward.

In the past we have provided good scenarios, even handed rule enforcement, both campaign and garrison camping, and have worked together, blue and gray, as one team for the good of all. We focus the event on "them", the original Boys. The event is about "them"

I look forward to your support and participation.


S. Chris Anders
Chesapeake Volunteer Guard