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bill watson
06-18-2006, 10:26 PM
Real-world, career-related events on the weekend of Oct. 7 prevent me from even thinking about going to Perryville. But if I could go, since there's a major effort to organize an eastern presence there, I'd be falling in as a rear rank two with the effort being organized by Chris Anders, Kevin Air and Scot Buffington. They have all been involved in organizing and supporting events in the east that require cooperation and support from a cross-section of enthusiastic reenactors that cuts across a lot of lines and divisions that turn out, when we are all on the field together, to be so much squat and bullroar.

Perryville in the fall; McDowell next May. My hunch is that a contingent of campaign-facing easterners at Perryville will be matched by an even bigger contingent of westerners at McDowell 2007 than turned out in 2005 to tnthusiastically support that event.

Cooperation, support, enthusiasm -- powerful concepts.

Anyway: Chris's email for those easterners interested in making a loud noise at Perryville: ltcolcsa@hotmail.com

06-18-2006, 10:43 PM
I'll support my western comrades in any event with a worthy cavalry presence. Perryville is allowing Cav but what they'll do who knows. I may attend just to meet some names Ive been talking to but its doubtfull. But Red River I'll attend for sure.

bill watson
06-19-2006, 08:40 AM
"Perryville is allowing Cav but what they'll do who knows."

Well, why don't you find out? Find out for yourself, that is, and don't let anyone else do your thinking for you. Letting other people do the thinking is why some folks are missing out on some of the fun this year.


If all that information gets processed and you still have a question:


Beyond any doubt, you will get whatever information you seek. The event is quite forthright, and I particularly enjoy this part: "Please register only if you plan to fully cooperate with the standards and spirit of the event." Note the key words: "fully cooperate" with both "standards and spirit." Now there's a concept.

06-19-2006, 09:51 AM
Ive been through the site before. Its an expensive roll of the dice.

06-19-2006, 09:59 AM
Similar to Gettysburg 135, Perryville 2002 had several made for cavalry non historical scenarios/adjuncts to the main event. There were no cavalry 'Battles' on July 1, 2 1863....and there were no cavalry 'Battles' at Perryville, period.

July 1st GBurg would feature Gamble's boys dismounted and a feinted mounted charge against Pender's right flank....we reenacted both. however the rest of the time (July 1, 2) you'd sit around and snap fingers. At G135 we came in on Monday Night and fought a couple of pure cavalry battles a day to reenact the myriad clashes during the campaign itself. At NSAs: Perryville, Franklin, Corinth we did what we could to reenact the historical scenarios.....unfortunately, much of the time this is the equivalent of reenacting the V Corps at Antietam. I don't see ANY infantry volunteering to drive x,000 miles for a major battle reenactment and then stand in reserve for a few days. Throw in the cost of towing critters and it becomes really simple. Use them (the cavalry) or lose them (similar to buglers in the past who quickly became riflemen when the Reveille FormUp Taps calls were all they played during an entire reenacting day of camp and battle).

If you throw in a cavalry screening/recon/up front meeting engagement/adjunt or off to the side cavalry battle....then you get the 'that didn't happen' snickers. Or an Iuka battle at a Corinth event, Or mounted cavalry doing pistol charges against entrenched infantry at Franklin. Or using reenacting cavalry with breech loading rifles to simulate infantry with breech loading rifles because our authentic campaigners can't afford several hundred breech loading rifles for one scenario at Franklin.

I'm sure Mark Dolive , Mike Moore, Mike Ventura, Terry Crowder, et al would love to hear some ideas on how to keep the cavalry involved, energized, in front of the spectators on an original battlefield that didn't feature cavalry en masse. But I can assure you that cavalry was not happy with P2002, even though this is touted as one of the better large scale battle reenactments of all time.

Heck, if we scout ahead and make sure the trip wires and tree falls are all clear we can't even run cavalry raids at dawn and steak knife messages to opposing infantry officer's dining tables.... (Wilson's Leak 2001, Franklin 2004).... And of course you have the 'horses aren't used to living outdoors in the rain' situation at A2002 where the Federal Staff horses weren't used, and the CSA staff horses were used on Sunday.

IF we give no reasons for the cavalry to play....and they stay home....they keep a lot of the staff ponies/rentals at home as well. We don't have enough mounted field grade officer's, mounted buglers for Infantry (don't get me start on Artillery), nor equine pulled artillery and wagons in this hobby, period. If the cavalry stays home you might be amazed at how many wranglers, tack, orderlies, guidon carriers, mounted buglers, and horse flesh stays home as well....let alone the experience to deal with thrown shoes and riders, riderless horses, barb wire cuts, 3AM horse picket line watch, horses gone wild, etc.

Their are a couple of threads on this elsewhere (and up on the NSA forum) and the powers are talking about it.....

For my money, cavalry should go to the Morgan's Raid first weekend in September 2006...SE Ohio. I'm all for cavalry at Perryville, but don't want to compromise our ability to more accurately this infantry artillery battle on the actual battlefield....

POLITICAL DISCLAIMER: I'm Mark Dolive's bugler at NSA events, including Perryville 2006. And will be Terry Crowder's bugler at Morgan's Raid. And you betcha, what I write at age 51 is, IMHO, my own opinion.

Will we EVER see a mounted brass band do a pass in review or troop the line....

chad greene
06-19-2006, 01:50 PM
As reenactor coordinator for the Perryville 06 event - we have heard and fully understand the cavalry's complaints regarding Perryville 2002. Cavalry will be utilized in all battles at Perryville in 2006.

There is opportunities for cavalry to also be involved in the preservation march as well. Members of the military committee spoke at lentgh with Terry Crowder regarding the cavalry's role at Perryville in 2006 and I personally assured him that cavalry would not be a "side-show."

Please be assured that you won't waste your money if you come to Perryville this year. We have incorporated all branches of service into each scenario.
Please do go read the cavalry rules for the Perryville 06 event which includes all medical information that you might want to know to get your horse into Kentucky.

If you have any specific questions please send me a private message and I will be glad to speak with you.

Chad Greene