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Camp Near Guinea Station
May 24, 1863


Your inspector Lt Dandridge, visited severla of the Battalions of this command yesterday, ordered the hospital tents & flys to be turned in declaring that no provision had been made for their transportation.

These tents & flys are carried in the medical wagons and after a battle, are absolutely necessary as shelter for the wounded.

Knowing of no order by which an Inspector may direct the Medical Officer what articles he shall carry in his wagon, for the comfort of the sick and wounded, and what he shall dispense with I am induced to believe that Lt. Dandridge misunderstood his duties in this particular.

I most respectfully ask further instructions upon this subject

I am very Respectfully
Your Obdt Sevvant
E. Lloyd Howard
Chief Surgeon Artillery 2nd Corps

Brig Genl
W.N. Pnedleton
Chief Artillery ANV

Hd. Qrs. Artillery 2nd Corps ANV
June 2nd 1863


I respectfully ask leave to call your attention to the following facts.

By direction of Surgeon McGuire, Med Directior 2nd Corps, I had ordered that each Battalion of this command should carry in its medical wagon one small tent and two hospital flys for the use of the sick and wounded. This was done after General Order No. 58 had been issued and under the conviction that that order was not intended to prohibit the use of hospital tents in the field.

On the 24th day of May, Lieut Dandridge of Brig Genl Pendleton's staff made an inspection of the command and decided and ordered that these tents & flys should be turned in in obedience to Genl Order No. 58.

I immediately addressed a communication to Genl Pendleton asking whether of not Lt. Dandridge had porperly interpreted Order 58, and urging the absolute necessity of being supplied with some shelter for the sick and wounded. This communication was, I learn, referred to Genl Chilton AA&I ANV who that no tents shall be allowed in the Medical Department of this command.

It has frequently been my duty during the past two years to perform important operations at night and in the rain, which could not have been done without some shelter and the subjects of which would certainly have died had such operations been delayed.
Hoping that the subject may receive the consideration which its importance demands,

I am Ver Respectfully
Your Obidient Servant
E. LLoyd Howard
Chief Surgeon Artillery 2nd Corps ANV

To Surgeon L. Guild
Med Director

(The following is the endorsement on the back of the letter)
Hd Qrs. 2nd Corps ANV
Med Dept
June 4th 1863

Rescpt forwarded-
The medical wagons of the Infantry of this corps carry hopsital tents for the use of the command in the field of battle. These wagons are not heavily loaded & no objection has since been made to the tents being carried. I trust the same arrangements will be allowed the Arty as it will be impossible to take care of the wounded without some shelter.

Hunter McGuire
Med Dirc
2nd Corps

Hd Qrs. Arty Corps
May 28th 1863

E. Lloyd howard
Chf Surg Arty 2nd Corps ANV


Your note to Genl Pendleton asking for instreuctions as to whether hospital tents will be allowed the Medical Dept was duly recd & the question referred to the Chief Surgeion of the Army for decision.

He says that this subject was purposely omitted in General Order No. 58 ANV & that the Dept will be allowed to carry whatever its limited ammount of transportation will justify. The only Hosp tents ordered by me to be turned over were those in Lt. Col. Andrews' Battn & I acted strictly in accordance with General Order No. 58.

I did not "misunderstand my duties" as you presume, for they were perfectly plain, but I was ignorant at the time, that the Medical Dept was allowed, by verbal instructions from Col Corley to the Chief Surgeon, to carry whatever the necessities of the sick might require, & its transportation would justify.

Very Respectfully
Your Obt Servt
Edmund P. Dandridge
1st Lt & Actg Insp Arty 2nd Corps

From the compiled Military Service Record of William I Hill 1st Md Arty
Special Requisition June 4th 1863
For the use of the Medical Department of Andrews' Battalion
Reason: No hospital tents on hand
1 wall tent & fly (fly was sticken through in the invoice)
2 fly tents