View Full Version : Eastern Federals at Perryville

Wild Rover
06-08-2006, 01:29 PM

As many of you do know and some may not, I am working to recruit Eastern Federals to support the N/S Alliance effort at Perryville this October.

Often Units from the 1st FD have come East to support us, most recently at Summer of '62, and it is our turn to go West and pitch in.

Perryville is an excellent opportunity to do. It is held on original ground, with all proceeds going to preserve that site. Both the Federal and Confederate Commanders have been working hard to provide us with great logistics and good documented battle scenarios. In the past this event has been cherished as one of the best of the cycle.

The Eastern Contingent will be working with Mike Lavis, who is a dear friend of mine and has supported Summer of '62 and the Bedford Officer's School. Mike is a great officer and gentleman, and commands the Western Brigade of the the First Federal Division.

If we would manage to rally 2 battalions (200 ranks and file) we would have our own Eastern Brigade...this gentlemen is our goal.

The current plans is for our guiding impression to be the 79th PA Inf, standard caps and blouses, and if we expand to 2 battalions, the second would be the 1st Wisc, which had hats and blouses.

As of today, the Brigade plans to camp entirely campaign, with 1-2 supply and or commisary tents per battalion as needed.

Kevin Air will be commmanding the Eastern Battalion/Brigade, with Scot Buffington and myself working for him.

I sincerely hope each of you support this effort. Back in the 125ths we often went West, and they East, and together created some of the best experiences together. Moving into the 145ths we hope to create the same teamwork, to propel the hobby forward, providing the men in the ranks with a better Civil War Experience.

Please let me know if you can support our brethren,