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04-09-2008, 01:22 PM
Here are the medical invoices for Surgeon Edward Lloyd Howard from 3/3/63 and 5/13/63 of which I recently acquired copies.

Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c.
EL Howard Jones Batt Artillery
40 Splints (assorted)
2 Syringes, enema
3 Syringes, penis glass
3lb Arrow root
3oz Nutmegs
4gal Whiskey
4 Bandages, suspensory
6 Binderís boards
8dz Corks, assorted
1 Cork screw
1lb Cotton batting
1lb Cotton wadding
2yds Flannel, red
1lb Lint
6yds Muslin
25 Paper envelopes
2qr Paper, wrapping
4qr Paper, writing
1dz Pens, steel
1 Razor
1 Razor Strop
1/4oz Silk, surgeonís
1/2lb Sponge
2pieces Tape
1oz Thread, Linen
12 Towels
1lb Candles, sperm
4dz Bandages, roller, assorted
1 Ink, 4-ounce bottle
1 Store chest
2 Demijohns and jugs

Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c.
EL Howard Jones Batt Artillery
1lb Acaciae
1/2lb Acidi tartarici
1bt Alcoholis
1lb Alumnis
2oz Antimonii et potass tartratis
1oz Argenti nitratis (fused)
1lb Camphorae
1lb Cerati resinae
1lb Cerati simplicis
1/2lb Chloroformi
1lb Copaibae
1yd Emplastri adhaesivi
1lb Emplastri cantharidis
1yd Emplastri ichthyocollae
1/2lb Hydrargyri chloridi mitas
1/8lb Hydrargyri cum creta
1oz Iodinii tinc
1/2lb Liquoris ammoniae
1lb Magnesiae sulphatis
8oz Massae pil hydrargyri
1dr Morphiae sulphatis
1bt Olei olivae
1qt bt Olei ricini
1qt bt Olei terebinthinae
1dr Olei tiglii
1/4lb Plumbi acetates
1/2lb Potassae bitartratis
8oz Potassii iodide
1oz Pulveris aloes
1/4lb Pulveris capsici
1/4lb Pulveris cinchonae
2oz Pulveris ipecacuanhae et opii
1lb Pulveris lini
1/4lb Pulveris opii
1/4lb Pulveris rhei
1/2lb Pulveris sinapis nigrae
2oz Quinae sulphatis
1lb Sodae bicarbonates
1/2lb Sodae et potass tartratis
1/2lb Spiritus aetheris compositi
1/2lb Spiritus aetheris nitrici
1/2lb Spiritus lavandulae comp.
1lb Sulphurus loti
1/2lb Syrupi scillae
1/2lb Unguenti hydrargyri
4oz Zinci sulphatis
1 Measure, graduated
1 Mortar and pestle, wedgewood
2 Pencils, hair
1set Scales and weights, apothecaryís
1 Spatula
1oz Sponge
7dz Pilul: cathartic, comp(US)
4dz Pilul: opii (US)
8oz Tincturae opii
1/2lb Tincturae opii camph
1dz Bandages, roller, assorted
1 Medicine chest
24 Bottles of all kinds
23 Canisters

Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c.
EL Howard Jones Bat Art
1 Basin wash
2 Boxes pepper & salt
2 Buckets
2 Candlesticks
6 Cups tin
2 Dippers
1 Grater
1 Kettle tea
12 Knives & forks
1 Lantern
1 Pans sauce
1 Pitchers tin
8 Plates & dishes
2 Pots coffee & tea
24 Spoons
6 Tumblers
1 Mills coffee
1 Mess chest

Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c.
EL Howard Jones Bat Art
2gal Whiskey
1 Jug

Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c.
EL Howard Jones Bat Art
2 Blank Books
5 Bed Sacks
6 Blankets woolen
5 Pillow ticks
2 Litters & stretchers

Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding, &c.
EL Howard Jones Batt Artillery
1/2oz Creasoti
2lb Magnesiae sulphatis
1dr Morphiae sulphatis
1qt bt Olei ricini
1qt bt Olei terebinthinae
1/4lb Potassae bitartratis
1/4lb Potassae chloratis
1/4lb Potassae nitratis
1/4lb Sodae bicarbonates
1/4lb Tincturae ferri chloride
5lb Tea
25 Paper envelopes
2qr Paper, writing
1/2lb Candles, sperm
2 Litters and stretchers (hand)
6 Bottles all kinds
1 Boxes, packing

04-12-2008, 05:25 PM
Is there anyone/anyplace capable/interested in reproducing correct Confederate medical invioices?

04-13-2008, 11:28 PM
I have the 11 x 17 federal forms from my state archives in Illinois that were used to request drugs & all other items on the approved list. Unless the confederacy changed the form (and many were just adapted) they might be usable. The form was not used on sherman's march in Georgia as hand written ones were used. I have copies of Dr. Gaskill's (45th Ill Vols) hand written requests for re-supply upon reaching the coast.

There are some Confederate short request forms on the internet in a file with T J Jackson & R.E Lee orders that I found about 6 months ago!

04-22-2008, 10:14 AM
Here is a medical invoices for Surgeon George B Moffett from 4/21/63 which I recently acquired copy.

Invoice of one Medical Store Chest and contents turned over to Surg E. Lloyd Howard Chief Surgeon 2nd Corps Artillery by Surg Geo. B. Moffett April 21st 1863

1 One Chest
32 Splints
6 Binder's Boards
1 Ball Forcep
4 Catherters Gum
7 Cupping tins
1 Thumblancet
1 Probangs
2 Syringe enema
3 Syringe penis metalic
1 Teeth extracting forceps
5 Tourniquets Field
1 1/2lbs Arrow Root
5 Candles
2oz Nutmegs
8lbs Tea
4dz Bandages Roller
4 Suspensory Bandages
2dz Corks assort
1 Cork Screw
3/4lb Cotton Batting
1/2yds Flannel Red
6yds Muslin
1paper Needles
8 Hair Pencils
1 Razor
1 Razor Strop
1/32oz Surgeon Silk
1/2lb Sponge
9 Towels
3 Jugs

I certify the the above stores were in good condition when turned over to you.

Geo B Moffett Surgeon PACS
with Latimer's & Pouge's Light Arty

Linda Trent
05-29-2009, 05:50 PM
2yds Flannel, red

With a recent discussion on another forum, I've been researching about woolen flannel in our medical books and online. Here's something interesting that I found this afternoon in the Scientific American, August 6, 1864. Could this have something to do with the 2 yards flannel?

One Thing to Make for the Sanitary Commission. The most dangerous of all forms of malarious disease is chronic diarrhea. Though the materia medica has been exhausted in experiments upon thousands of patients, no drug has yet been found that will baffle the persistence of this wasting complaint. There is one simple application, however, that has proved so beneficial in the English army in India, that it is stated, the surgeons have directed its use by all of the soldiers. It is merely a piece of flannel worn over the bowels next the skin. None but those who have tried this can form any idea of the relief which it produces. The dull pain and weakening sensation in the bowels vanish as if by magic. And the remedy, simple as it is, has been found the most efficient of any means that have yet been tried for the cure of the disease. The piece of flannel should be about a foot square, with a tape sewed across one edge, the ends extending a sufficient length to reach round the waist of the patient. It is not only good as a remedy, but is a most efficient preventative, and should be worn by all soldiers who are located in malarious regions.

Also has anyone read much about flannel being used in this method? Was this common in our armies? It looks like it would only require a small patch, so the two yards might go a bit further. Just curious. :roll: