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02-13-2006, 06:25 PM
On Monday, May 29, 2006 we'll be stepping off in the nation's capital to honor those who gave the "last full measure of devotion."

If you would like to participate with us in this march through Washington, D.C. we would like to talk with you.

Please contact me at the email address below and we'll set up a list for information and coordination. We'll probably have to set up a rendevous point outside the city and carpool in to the parade kick off site.

All weapons permits and logistics have been arranged and there is no fee to participate with us in this.

This will be only the second time such a parade has been held in D.C. since WWII. Come join us in remembering the "Boys of '62".


Doug Dobbs
email address: doug (@)at dougdobbs.com
encamped near Hagerstown, Md.

02-16-2006, 12:39 PM
It would be great promotion for the hobby if we could see a battalion in this parade!

B.C. Milligan

05-10-2006, 11:32 PM
I'll be getting information in the next few days with details about parking, etc. Please contact me asap so we can arrange to get parking for all participants. We'll also need to set up a place and time to rally on the Mall. The parade hours have changed, we'll step off at noon and it will end around 3PM.

You can reach me in email at doug -at- dougdobbs.com

05-12-2006, 09:58 AM
I am really looking forward to this, and I hope we have a decent turnout.

B.C. Milligan

Dave Myrick
05-12-2006, 05:23 PM
Looks likw we'll have 3 or 4 guys there as well.

Dave Myrick
1st Maine Cavalry

05-16-2006, 11:09 AM
I would think that anybody who lived within 50 miles of DC would want to take half a day to take part in this event, and march down Pennsylvania Avenue with 4,000 other people honoring our military across the centuries. I live further away than that, and I will be there. Maybe one day, we will see a battalion add this event to their schedule.

B.C. Milligan
Company K, First Penna. Reserves

05-18-2006, 09:07 AM
Here is an update from Doug Dobbs, our organizer. Note that this parade will be broadcast on TV over the Armed Forces Network. There are many reenactors in uniform across the globe. They might like seeing some of their old pards marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in their honor. It might even be worth getting a bit late to the barbecue (as I will).

B.C. Milligan
First Penna. Reserves, Company K


I got the info in the mail Monday, and I’ll give the essentials below. There’s a whole packet of stuff, probably 24 pages long, so if you have more questions, let me know. It’s probably in here somewhere.

Infantry – Drop-off Location: 7th St on the Mall and walk over to our assembly area, have the driver park the car.

Parking: Park along Pennsylvania Ave., south side, between 14th and 7th St. You will need a parking pass from me.

Parade Assembly Point: Walk over to our assembly area at 4th St. on the Mall (between Madison and Jefferson).

Time: We CAN be there as early as 8:30AM. But we MUST have a presence there by 10:15 AM. The earlier you get there, the better the parking.

Cavalry – Drop-off Location: Horse trailers must enter the Assembly Area via 4th St. at Independence Ave and travel north on 4th St.

Parking: All horse trailers must be out of the Assembly Area by 10:30 AM. Exit North via 4th St to Pennsylvania Ave, turn left, park along North or South curb of Pa Ave between 6 & 7 St. It’s a short walk back to the assembly area. (Dave, send me your snail mail and I can send you the parking placards for your vehicles or I can give them to you that day.)

Parade Assembly Point: On 4th St. between Madison Drive and Independence Ave.. Unload … Use any space under the trees on the mall to have the horses wait. When it’s time to line up, you’ll be in line with the Infantry. They’ve changed their plans from the “segregated” pattern of last year.

Time: 8:45-10AM - Trailers MUST be out by 10:30AM

Impression: Let’s stick with an 1865 Union AOP campaign impression, show them what real soldiers looked like, not paper collar stay-at-homes. The WWII entry that most impressed me last year was the jeep done up like it had just driven in from France in ’44, muddy and wine bottles hanging off it. No reason we can’t do the same. Let’s save the spit and polish for another year. Anyone object?

Blanket rolls preferred, or nothing if it’s hot. (I’ll probably wear my double bag just to carry the paperwork they’ll be requiring.) Forage caps. Anyone have a corps badge preference? If not, let’s go for Sixth Corps, First Division (red cross), I have some made up from last year. I have a division HQ flag that we carried to G’burg in 2003 if we want it. Skip, did we get a national color? Do we have baldric(s)? Make sure you come with a full canteen and a couple bottles of water in your haversack.

Arms inspection:No caps, no powder, basic NPS rules apply, for those who’ve done work in the parks before. There will be no inspection of our arms by anyone except ourselves. This parade has mushroomed in size and there wouldn’t be enough qualified staff to handle a thorough inspection. So we’ll do it ourselves. Edged weapons to remain sheathed unless for ceremonial purposes.

Surprises:There is a Lincoln in a carriage ahead of us. I had no idea about this before now. Dave, if you want to follow us so as to put as much distance between you and him as possible, that’s ok with me.

We will need someone to follow the cav with a pooper scooper. (There’s a marching band right behind us.)

Insurance: Everyone will have to sign an insurance waiver form. Since we’re sort of spread out geographically, let’s make sure we get there early and get this done “on the day.”

Food and water: There is nowhere near the assembly area to eat or get water. Be sure to bring enough for yourself and a pard. We will be early in the formation, so bring your lunch and eat it early with us. EAT BREAKFAST. Nobody goes down from dehydration or low blood suger on my watch. J (For those who may not know, my GG-grandpa was killed at Cold Harbor getting water for his unit.)

Length: 1.3 miles, flat ground, pavement

TV: This will be broadcast live over the Armed Forces Network. If you know anyone who will be overseas, let them know to tune in.


I have three whole pages of them, but basically if we act reasonably and responsibly we’ll be fine.

Let me know if I missed anything or you need more info.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the Mall and enjoying a great day together.

All for the Union,


05-23-2006, 11:34 AM

We have updated our plans a bit.

I'm asking those who will be coming from the North & West to rally at White Flint Mall between 8:30 and 9:15 to consolidate as many people into as few cars as possible. Parking in DC is limited so we need to squeeze a bit and we have to be on the Mall by 10:15 and no later.

Please note: we only got six parking passes and five are already accounted for with full vehicles. Without that pass you may have a hard time finding parking in DC.

If you decide to come at the last minute you may be asked to meet us at White Flint, drop your accoutrements & musket with us, then take the Metro into the city. Fare should be about $6 or less, roundtrip. You'll want to get to L'Enfant Plaza and then walk about four blocks to 4th St. on the National Mall, be there by no later than 10:30.

White Flint Mall
11301 Rockville Pike
North Bethesda, MD 20895-1021

White Flint directions are here:
You can try www.Mapquest.com from your area if you want custom directions. Arriving early will ease our last minute decisions.

We'll use the area of the parking lot farthest away from the Rockville Pike. I figure that will be easiest for us to spot one another and collect ourselves. I have reasonable assurance we'll have National Colors and I'll bring my Sixth Corps, First Division HQ flag. I'll have five or six of my students standing around too.

If you have a van or small bus, call me. :)

Bring a full canteen, and a couple bottles of water in your haversack/blanket roll.

EAT BREAKFAST and bring a lunch in your haversack.

Some links:




Questions? Email me before Monday morning, May 29, 2006.

All for the Union,

aka Stickbug

05-23-2006, 11:54 AM
One prime link I missed:


05-26-2006, 03:22 PM
I sent this out in email to everyone on my email list. I'll post it here in case anyone decides to join us at the last minute. On my website are pix of me so you can spot me in the crowd.


<FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">Greetings gentlemen,

05-26-2006, 03:56 PM
I think Doug meant to post the below. I hope anyone who has no great plans for Monday will still consider joining us. Another ten or fifteen guys and we will have a decent company in the parade:

Greetings gentlemen,

I’ll be offline from early Saturday until Sunday afternoon, at Ft. Frederick, Md. If you’re nearby, look for the CW area of the “timeline” and I should be easy to spot. Most anyone there will know me.

I have some good news and bad news and old news.

Bad news: Due to bureaucratic snafus, Dave and the cav guys will not be able to join us this year. We were not able to get some health certificates in to DC in time and the fear is that outside horses will infect the herds in DC. There’s some horse’s backsides in DC, and I guess they have to be protected…. red tape is alive and well…

Good News: It looks like we’ve picked up two or three more infantry in the last few days. My rough count at this point is as follows:

(6) fellows from my school, including me.
(4) Skip Koontz is bringing from the Hagerstown area, along with a set of National Colors
(4) Bruce (BC) Milligan will have from the 1st Pa. Reserves, maybe more.
and (3+?) the 28th Mass, Co. B (Bob Mosher) will have, it looks like.

That’s a 300+% increase over last year. Which isn’t bad… ;)

Old News:Forgive me if this is a repeat for anyone, but the essentials are this:

Assembly area will be at White Flint Mall, near Bethesda, Md. between 8:30 and 9:15AM.

We will see what we’ve got for rides and gear at that point. If you have a spare sack coat, cap, pair of brogans, leathers or musket that you can help some of the fellows with, please bring them along as you feel able to. I will have enough coats for most of my guys and perhaps one or two more. Having extras for leathers, etc on hand will be wonderful. Those with modern shoes or no leathers we’ll put on the inside of the second rank, the rest we’ll put where the cameras can see them clearly.

We are down to four parking passes at our disposal, so we’ll have to cram as many folks in as we can. Those that don’t fit will have to ride the Metro while we take their arms and leathers. Cost will be about $6 roundtrip between White Flint and L’Enfant Plaza as I recall. I aim to depart White Flint by car for the National Mall no later than 9:15 so we’ll have a cushion against clogged traffic in the city.

If you miss us at White Flint, you’re on your own to get to the National Mall (between Jefferson and Madison) at 4th St by 10:30AM.

Come with a meal under your belt, lunch in your haversack, a full canteen and some spare water in bottles. It wouldn’t hurt to have some mole skin along for anyone who has trouble with blisters. It’s going to be bloody hot and probably humid as well. Come prepared to take care of yourself and a pard.

NO CAPS, ROUNDS OR DRAWN EDGED WEAPONS. Basic NPS rules, usual exceptions for ceremonial use of swords, etc.

We’ll be responsible for our own inspections, so be sure your weapon is ready for that. No crud, no rust, make ‘em look sharp.

The impression is First Division, Sixth Corps, 1865 on campaign. If you don’t have a corps badge, bring a brass letter for your cap and we’ll have some extras you can pin on beneath the brass. Remember that among other things it was the Sixth that make the break in the Confederate lines around Petersburg that brought the seige of Richmond to a close.

And above all, remember why we’re doing this. Some of you are new, some have done things like this before. This isn’t about the living veterans, as wonderful as they are, this is to remember the ones that didn’t make it home and gave the last full measure of devotion. Your willingness to take time away from your homes and families and participate with enthusiasm are a huge encouragement. Thank you, gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart.

All for the Union,




05-26-2006, 04:17 PM
Hmm, not sure why my "copy and paste" poofed out there. Thanks, BC.

Looks like we can add two Zouaves to the list as well.