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06-03-2006, 10:45 PM
I've posted some of the better diary entries from the diary of Lt. Holtzman of the Little Fork Rangers, 4th Va Cav Co D. The entries are exactly as he wrote them except whats in parenthesis are that of the author of the Little Fork Ranger book. Entries start in 1863. My own comments are marked by **.

Feb 24th: Drew saddles, bridles, halters, overcoats, boots, and socks.
** Boots.....possibly cavalry boots? Seems like brogan or shoe would have been used otherwise.

Feb 28th: Bought a dozen eggs- one dollar.

March 25th: Drew the money for M.C.L's horse which was killed on the 17th at Kellyville.
**What does he mean by drew the money? The government paid him back for the loss?

April 7th: Came up to Court House (Culpeper) on the cars. Wore a home made hat of James Waymans. Found H.B.H. (his wife) sewing on a soldiers pair of pants.

April 9th: Bought 2 pounds of tobacco at two dollars per pound. (At Culpeper Court House)

Aug 8th: I this day for the first time had a watermelon and some peaches.

Aug 29th: Our company had some 60 watermelons to eat while in Bowling Green.

Sept 1st: For future history I paid $1.50 a dozen for onions, $16 per bushel of patatoes, $1.50 a gallon of tomatoes, $5 a piece for watermelons.

Sept 30th: I made some preserves out of some grapes.

Oct 6th: Did not drill today on account of our squadron being shod up.

Oct 10th: Still quiet in camp. The boys with myself amusing ourselves catching rabbits. Cought about 40 in all.

Feb 2nd 1864: I went out today to have a pair of boots made. I went coon hunting.

March 30th: F. Hoffman found a mouse nest in his haversack. With yound ones. Quiet a novel affair.

April 17th: Had company inspection this morning. Arms in very fine order indeed Had some good singing in camp.
** I threw this in because its well know that the company was never very well armed.

April 20th: Drew more sugar today. Also some coffee. They are still cutting up in the Yankee Congress.

April 21st: Had mounted drill today. Also appraisements of horses. "John Brown," my noble steed, was put at twelve hundred dollars. Equipment sixty dollars.

May 24th: A memorable day in my life fighting negros, and we charged their breastworks under galling fire.

Nov 8th: Had horses appraised. J.A.H. (his own) three thousand dollars. M.C.L ( M.C. Luttrell's) two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. Yankee election for president.

Ive also got some other bits of info that I pulled from the book that I'll post later.