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chad greene
02-08-2008, 12:37 PM
Hello All,
Civil War Preservation Trust Park Day is coming up on April 5, 2008. We are very excited about some of the projects scheduled for Perryville Battlefield. We are going to be re-planting around 40 sapling trees to help re-establish Maney's Woods. This is the wooded area that the Confederate Infantry charged out of to assault Parsons' Guns on the open knob.

Additionally, we are planning a major clean up of Crawford Springs. The Crawford Ford and the Chaplin River Road to the east of the river were the route of the Confederate flanking march to get beyond the Union right flank. The Confederate troops first intended to launch their attack from the vicinity of the Goodknight farm. Upon learning that the Union flank was being extended, the Confederates marched further north to Walker's Bend. The spring was used as a source of water for the parched Confederate troops.

This will be a major stop on the new Perryville Battlefield driving tour. Over the years it has become overgrown and much of its natural beauty is concealed behind scrub growth. Additionally, people have dumped construction debris etc. on the property. This area desperately needs attention. We need strong individuals who have chainsaws and pick up trucks and are willing to put some muscle into it.

We will provide lunch and refreshments to volunteers. If you are interested in helping out please let me know. Sign ups will be at the park that morning beginning at 8:00 A.M. Please forward this information to any parties that you think might be interested.

You may also look at our website at www.perryvillereenactament.org
Some information is already on the site. We will be adding photos of the spring and woods within the next week or so.

If you cannot help volunteer at Perryville please volunteer at your nearest Civil War site. Anytime you invest on these sites will help guarantee that they are around for future generations of Americans.

Your Pard,
Chad Greene

02-08-2008, 09:04 PM

You may want to remind folks to bring their own ice if its hot. I know last year Perryville 145th--------------95 degrees you did not think it was needed.

Doug Thomas
Lyons Battery CS
Shepherdsville, Ky