View Full Version : Virginia French Civil War Journal

Craig L Barry
01-30-2008, 11:46 PM
I received a "review copy" of the L. Virginia French 1862-1865 Journal. This is no Mary Chesnut tea party Civil War diary. To the best of my knowledge, this material was tucked away in the TN state archives for years,the subject of research and college courses. It is finally published.

L.Virginia French was very forward thinking for her time, and her observations on military leaders from both sides is priceless (she was not too impressed). Being from McMinnville, TN she got a good exposure to both armies marching through there, and is not shy about expressing her thoughts in a sharp tongued way. She is especially venomous towards the Yanks, ironic since she was a staunch Unionist before the War. Well worth reading. Blockade Runner has it, but so do some book stores. Anybody else read this yet?