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01-17-2008, 11:58 PM

Does anyone have any information on units raised in seminole or oragne county FL during the war or could point me in the right direction?

Chris Reed

01-18-2008, 06:45 AM

The unit in which many Orange County men served during the Civil War.

Captain William W. Slone - resigned 18 May 1863
Captain John Randolph Mizell of Orlando - born 1839 in Florida; captured at
Missionary Ridge, Tennesssee, 22 September 1863
1st Lieutenant Michael J. Doyle
1st Lieutenant Christopher Columbus Hart of Orlando - born 1836 in Florida
3rd Lieutenant George W. Collins

1st Sergeant James F. Wheeler - disabled by wounds
1st Sergeant Warren A. Smith - wounded in action August 1864, spent remainder of
war in a hospital at Macon, Georgia
Sergeant John M. Prevatt
Sergeant Edward W. Spier
Corporal Thomas T. Alsobrook
Corporal James M. Crenshaw - taken prisoner of war, died at Camp Chase, Ohio, 4
November 1865, buried in grave #1544
Corporal Christopher C. Grant
Corporal Cade Kershaw - taken prisoner of war, held at Rock Island, Illinois,
where he died before release.
Corporal George W. Spivey

James A. Alsobrook
Luke Aneritt
John S. Barrington
James W. Barton
Crawford Bass
Joseph F. Baker
John D. Baker
William S. Bennett
James L. Bennett - wounded in action at Jonesboro, Georgia, 1 September 1864
G.E. Black
Miles Bumink
William B. Branch
Levy G. Champlin
David Collins
James A. Collins
William Cook of Orlando - born 1843 in South Carolina
David Crum
James Curry
Russell Cuvrey
Wiley R. Daniels
William A. Daniels - wounded in action at Chickamauga, Georgia, 20 September 1863;
taken prisoner of war; held at Rock Island, Illinois, until end of war.
Benjamin Drawdy
Amos Emanuel
Bryant Fussell
James Fussell
James C. Fussell
Obed Fussell
William S. Fussell - died in a hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, November 1862.
John R. Glenn - wounded in action at Stone Mountain, Georgia, August 1864
Stephen Harris
Thomas Harris of Hawkinsville - born 1811 in South Carolina
Joseph R. Hawkins - taken prisoner of war, held at Camp Chase, Ohio, until close of war
George F. Hays
James S. Hodges of Orlando - born 1843 in Georgia
William Hodges of Orlando - born 1830 in Georgia
J.R. Houston
D.C. Ivey
John T. Jenkins - born 1843 in Georgia
Mathew J. Joiner
Randall Joiner
David C. Jones
John R. Jones
William R. Jones
A.Y. Lee
Eli A. Lee of Orlando - born 1843
William Lisk
Littleton McLaughlin
Edwin D. Masters
Luke Masters
John W. Matchett
William S. Meeks
Josiah Merritt - died in service at Lexington, Kentucky
Luke Merritt
William Merritt
Archibald Minshew
James Mitchell - wounded in action at Atlanta, Georgia, 22 July 1864
George R. Mobley
W.P. Moorman
Luke Mott
William W. Murphy of Hawkinsville - born 1840 in Alabama
William R. Nesbit
Hopkins Padgett
John Padgett
John N. Pierce
Charles M. Prevatt of Orlando - born 1837 in Florida; wounded in action at Peach
Tree Creek, Georgia, 19 July 1864
William J. Purdum
Wade H. Raulerson
William J. Raulerson
John T. Reddit
Robert W. Roberts
Chesterfield G. Robinson
William J. Robinson
Andrew J. Simmons of Orlando - born 1824 in Florida
Robert W. Simmons of Orlando - born 1845 in Florida
William I. Simmons
Henry A. Smith
Lewis Smith
Llewellyn E. Snow
William Solomon
William J. Studing
Ramon H. Sylvester
Rollin Sylvester
Edward Townsend of Mellonville - born 1844
John Townsend of Orlando - born 1836 in Georgia
James M. Tucker of Mellonville - born 1836 in Georgia
John W. Waters
Charles F. Weeks
Abraham F. Williams
Alexander K. Williams
Blaney Williams
Irvin J. Williams - died of fever at a hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, 30 May 1863
R.F. Williams
William S. Williams
Hartley Wills
J.W. Wilson of Orlando - born 1835 in South Carolina
John Wofford of Orlando - born 1838 in Georgia

01-18-2008, 06:50 AM
Seminole County was cut out of Orange County in 1913.

7th Fl (various co) came from across central Florida

There is a 7th Fl Co F reenacting group who to my eye seem more progressive than average unit you find at the hoot and shoots in FL