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The Amazing Screw-On Head (2006

"...Based on the prize-winning comic book by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, this warped animated adventure follows the exploits of President Abe Lincoln's top spy: Screw-On Head. The bodiless crime-fighting genius must thwart the villainous Emperor Zombie, who's stolen an ancient text that could help him conquer the world. The delightfully bizarre film features the voices of Paul Giamatti, David Hyde Pierce and Molly Shannon...."

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I’m retired but you have entirely too much time on your hands. :)

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Naaah...I just use my breaks wisely and multi-task in my "cave" at home. I find "stuff" while looking up other "stuff'.

Want to know about the women's batallion that fought in Place Blanche in Paris during the 1871 Commune?

"Screw On Head" is now available on NetFlix which showed up when I was looking for more Shakespeare films for my daughter and I to watch.

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Want to know about the women's batallion that fought in Place Blanche in Paris during the 1871 Commune?


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Hmmm, the system considers Yep to be too short an answer. It didn't like Yessir either.
It must want me to say Please.

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Looks like it might have been Historic or symbolic according to the source...


The Paris Commune October 1993

"This is the notes for a talk given to a WSM meeting that was heavily based on The Communards of Paris, 1871: edited by Stewart Edwards, and published by Cornell Paperbacks; CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS"

"...In the Place Blanch a battalion of 120 women erected the legendary barricade which they defended vigorously on the Tuesday many being massacred after it fell. Those Federals that had retreated in front of the French army dispersed back to their homes saying they preferred to die in their own quarters...."


Lissagaray: History of the Paris Commune of 1871
Chapter XXVIII
The street battles continue

"...A few steps from Montmartre the catastrophe was not known. At the Place Blanche the women’s barricade held out for several hours against Clinchant’s soldiers; they then retreated towards the Pigalle barricade, which fell at about two o'clock. Its leader was led before a Versaillese chief of battalion. ‘Who are you?’ asked the officer. ‘Léveque, mason, member of the Central Committee.’ The Versaillese discharged his revolver in his face; the soldiers finished him...."


Nathalie Lemel

".....During this period, Nathalie Lemel was on the side of the barricades next to la place Blanche (on rue Pigalle). On top of her fighting against the police, she also cared for the wounded...."



"....Famous figures such as Louise Michel, the "Red Virgin of Montmartre" who joined the National Guard and would later be sent to New Caledonia, symbolize the active participation of a small number of women in the insurrectionary events. A female battalion from the National Guard defended the Place Blanche during the repression...."

Louise Michel


H-France Review Vol. 1 (February 2001), No. 2

Robert Aldrich and Martyn Lyons, Eds., The Sphinx in the Tuileries and Other Essays in Modern French History: Papers Presented at the Eleventh George Rudé Seminar. University of Sydney, 1999. vi + 399, notes. ISBN 1-86487-026-5.

Reviewed by Kenneth Margerison, Southwest Texas State University.


"....Likewise in "Warriors and Killers: Women and Violence During the Paris Commune, 1871" Robert Tombs is eager to demonstrate, contrary to much recent scholarship, that women did not play a greater role in 1871 than in previous revolutionary upheavals. Tombs, for instance, challenges the frequently cited example of the bravery of a women's battalion which defended the Place Blanche by presenting evidence that no such battalion existed. While not denying that women played a role in 1871, he argues that they did so in the more traditional role of cantinières. In this capacity they might very well have engaged in some of the fighting, but, as the arrest records demonstrate, they were rarely charged with participating in overt military activity. Other essays analyzing gender include Olivia Harmon's study of the image of females in eighteenth-century utopian novels, Barrie Rose's account of the role of women in the Babeuf conspiracy, and Bronwyn Winter's examination of the campaign of contemporary French women for political parity....."

Guard at the Hotel De Ville


Period Illustrations



"..La barricade de la place Blanche défendue par des femmes, pendant la semaine sanglante. Montmartre, 1871.

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Louise Michel---Neatly uniformed, every inch a soldier---and also very female, in the facial lines.

And while she was not making an attempt to hide her gender, that's the basic look I'd expect from a woman doing a very good job of portraying a 19th century male soldier. Evident to modern eyes, but not necessarily to period eyes.

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Mrs. Lawson,

Louise Michel was also pictured in a military overcoat and female dress when she was captured.
I've seen a number of period illustrations of the female communards, which may be subject to the artists imaginations. These women did not appear to be trying to pass but just wearing available uniforms or parts of uniforms. In history the ones that survived the fighting and mass executions as Louise Michel, did were shipped of to New Caledonia in the Pacific.