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David Meister
10-22-2007, 02:36 PM
Can anyone tell me more about these jars / bottles I would like to know the approximate decade they came from. They look 1880s to me but Iím not a bottle appraiser/expert and if anyone recognizes the label I would appreciate it



10-22-2007, 02:58 PM
Hello David,

I bought several of the same bottle in two differening heights with identical labels from a sutler at a reenactment in Jacksonville, IL, in June of 2006. I was convinced that they were antiques even though the labels had been produced using Word and Avery-type labels. When I attended the same event in last summer, I asked the sutler whether he could supply more of them to display our dry embalming chemicals. He told me that he had sold out of them, but he did tell me that he had purchased them at his local Big Lots store (don't recall offhand where he was from). I checked ours in Springfield, IL, but I didn't find any there. The sutler told me that he's seen them periodically on sale there. I'll continue looking. I saw something similar on a web site in which the vendor was selling lavendar and bath products from Provence. The combined costs of the product and the shipping costs from France convinced me that the cost was too prohibitive.