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05-02-2006, 01:50 PM

Can anyone help me with information about early war ( summer of 1861 ) uniforms of companys of the 27th Virginia and the 33th Virginia Infantry for my First Manassas uniform research.

Pictures are also welcome ( there is a John Henry Beeton picture, 27th Va )

I'm trying to find information about:

Coats: Frock, sack or rondabout, colour, trim, colur of trim and what kind of trim

Trousers: colour, trim and what colour of trim

Headgear: kepi, forage cap or hat, colour and trim ?

Equipment: black leather or white militiastyle

Other details, such as gaiters etc.

Any help will be appreciated,

Many Thanks !

Best wishes,

Johan Heitzer
The Netherlands

05-02-2006, 03:34 PM
if nothing else,go with civie cloths.Even though alot of CS units at the start of the war wore some type of military clothing,alot of CS troops wore civie cloths.You would have seen civies in just about every CS unit,and civies work well for mid-late war CS as well.Just my opinion though.
Cullen Smith

Jim Mayo
05-02-2006, 04:00 PM
Are you looking for individual companies or a regimental look? It is likely that companies in each regiment would have different uniforms that early in the war and no two companies would be uniformed alike. Some companies would have partial uniforms and some none. The companies would have not looked like each other. It would not be until they drew clothing from a central depot that the regiment would have started to have some uniformity in dress.

For example the Emerald Guard (Co. E of he 33rd) would have likely had some sort of green uniform. Companies H and F had "Grays" as part of their name. Their uniform would probably been some shade of gray. No telling what the other regiments were wearing upon entering the army.

The regimental history of the 33rd has several pictures in the back. Only one appears to be a militia uniform. I looked very quickly for descriptions of the uniforms when the regiment was formed and nothing specific was mentioned.