View Full Version : For a fiction book, info. on 19th century medicine and cw prisons and escapes

09-19-2007, 07:04 AM
Hello, I am writing a fictional book and for the different things that happen in I would like some information on Prision escapes and Civil War prisons of the South. My character gets captured by confederates and is taken prisoner. Any ideas on how to plan an escape for him or any information on real ones that happened would be greatly appriciated. Also I would like to know of some good books and internet resources that would be helpful in understanding 19th century medicine for some things that happen in my book. I have been doing research for this book for 3 years approximatly. Again this is a fictional work and all of the resources and people who have helped me will be in a biblography and aknowledgements. Thanks for the infoemation you give. You may also email me.