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09-17-2007, 02:27 AM
Things I have For Sale:


Simplicity 4055 Size 14,16,18,20 never opened…this is a 1812’s style dress. $1

Truly Victorian TV141 1858 Round Cage Crinoline Pattern…never opened. Regular size up to 34” waist, 46” hip and Oversize over 34” waist, 46” hip. Never opened. $5

Homespun Pattern W008 Front Fastening Corset 1860’s Cut out to size 18 (sizes 14, 16, 18)…used just once. $5

Galla Rock Shirt & Pattern Co. Ladies’ Split Drawers GRSP 401 size 14-16-18 cut out to size 18 used several times in good condition. $5

Galla Rock Shirt & Pattern Co. Corded Sun-bonnet/work bonnet One size has been cut out and used two times. $5

Galla Rock Shirt & Pattern Co. Chemise GRSP402 Cut out to size 14 used several times still in good condition $5

Period Impressions #509 1858 “The Nonpareil garment” size 12-14-16 cut out to size 16 and used once.$5

Homespun Pattern W011 Paletot 1860’s Size 14-16-18 never opened. $10


Beadle’s Dime Guide To Dress-making and Millinery by Mrs. Marion M. Pullan
(brand new)

“Smoke Not” An Essay by Miss E.S.C. Republished from the London edition of 1856 (brand new)

The Youth’s Instructor containg Sabbath-School Lessons Published at the Advent Review Office Rochester, NY 1852 (this is a reprint) (brand new)

The Hand-Book of Needlework Decorative and Ornamental Including Crochet, Knitting, and Netting By Miss Lambert 1846 ISBN: 0-9717605-8-6 (Hand-Book of Decorative Needlework Copyright 2003 Piper Publishing) (brand new)

Plain Needlework A Guide to Nineteeth Century Hand Sewing By Melissa Roberts copyright 2000, 2004 2nd Edition. (a little bit of cover wear otherwise just like new…awesome guide to handsewing for the era)

Calico Chronicle by Betty J. Mills Texas women and their Fashions 1830-1910 ISBN: 0-89672-128-0 (front cover likes to curl…otherwise just like new)

Patterns of Fashion by Janet Arnold. I have all three in excellent condition
Circa 1560-1620 ISBN: 0-333-38284-6
Circa 1660-1860 ISBN: 0-333-13606-3
Circa 1860-1940 ISBN: 0-333-13607-1

I also have the following Civil War Historian back issues:

Jan/Feb 2005 Volume 1/Issue 1
May/June 2007 Volume3/Issue 3
July/August 2007 Volume3/Issue 4

And I have The Watchdog vol. 15 no. 1 Winter 2007

Inquire about prices…I am not sure what I paid for some of these so I need to look them up.


Used 4 bone Hoop Skirt 33” long 95” bottom hoop circumference 36” waist to 28” waist (drawstring)…this one has seen a lot of use but is still in fine working order…it has steel hoops in casings. $25

Corded Bonnet Yellow with teeny tiny red dots and black teeny tiny flower sprigs. Adjustable $40 worn to one event

Large Wrapper made from Past Patterns Red with Medium sized paisely’s plus smaller paisley’s evenly spaced Different lining fabrics (skirt is not fulling lined as pattern suggest but has hem facing) Also I did some piecing on this one (more authentic right?  ) Vegetable Ivory Buttons fabric tie at waist (a variation I stole from Kay Fig Wrapper pattern which I have made up before also) Very adjustable…never worn…buttons holes where to be done by hand and I must say that hasn’t gotten done. Skirt is long in back then the front to acommodate a hoop or in my case my big butt  More measurements upon request. $150

2 pairs of wool/linen ladies stockings oatmeal in color come to above knee…thigh high on those with skinnier legs Ealstic in tops to help keep them up. I got these from 99 district fabrics and they are nice but has a twist to them at the ankle…only wore one pair once…the feet are too big for my tiny feet…otherwise I would have kept them for modern wear. $15 for both pairs or one pair for $10

Plain White Petticoat (underhoop) 90” hem circumference 28 inches in length Waist is 36” closes with a millk glass button Very Deep hem $35 wore to one event

Plain white Petticoat (over hoop if you where a small one like me) 105” hem circumference 29.5” in length 35” waist Deep hem closes with white milk glass button $45 wore to one event

Very Fancy Over hoop Petticoat 34” waist 33” long 5 tucks (each tuck is ½”) and also has hand applied cotton lace $65 (worn to two events)

Chemise made from Galla rock pattern 41” around neck/shoulder band, 48” bust 16” arm bands worn several times, has front opening placket with antique calico button $45

Drawers 41” waist to 33” waist (partial drawstring…front is flat) length 29” has 3 ½” tucks. A little staining but a good bleaching would fix that…I have bleached them before. Worn several times $20

Ivory wool twill corset lined with white/pink stripe polished cotton. This is a Unique Corset to say the least….I used what I had one hand…it is made from the laughing moon pattern and is the one without the bust gussets. 12.5” busk 39” bust, 31” waist, 40” hips and these are the measurements of the corset fully laced…you should have a 2-4 inch gap in the back. This corset was worn to one event in Florida was no hotter than any cotton corset…the wool twill is very light weight in that respect. Since this is such a unique creation I will only ask $55 for it (has two piece grommets in back)

White cotton coutil Corset made from the Homespun Pattern size 18 lined with white kona cotton Busk is 11” Bust 37” Waist 32” hips 44” These measurements where taken with corset fully laced you need at least a 2-4 inch gap in back. This corset was worn once for a few hours…too long waisted for me or I would keep it. $100 (also has two piece brass grommets in back)


Toddler’s size moccasin kit from Smoke and Fire (with green wool lining)…I started on one but didn’t finish…comes with every thing you need to make them…they come cut out. $5

Fake hair braided and rolled into a bun with invisible hairnet…brunette $10 (comes in a neat paper box)

Some amish hair pins $5

A black pertersham ribbon belt with repo buckle from Christine’s Misc. $10

Some metal tins painted

Some Silk Jacquard Fabric GREAT FOR A DRESS
also have 3 yards in another colorway white/tan/blue stripes also $3/yard

Photos or futhur descriptions available upon request...you can email me at jozee774@gmail.com

please know that I live off the grid and drive to my local library to get online so be patient if I don't answer your email right away...I will answer them in the order they are received.

thank you!
Rhonda Elvin

09-17-2007, 06:06 AM
Email Sent!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen In LA
09-18-2007, 11:32 AM
Will you accept PayPal?


09-19-2007, 04:19 AM
Sent PM and email

09-26-2007, 02:11 PM
Glad to see the forum is back up and yes I do accept paypal...

watchdog and CW historian magazines are gone pending payment

bonnet, miss lamberts needlework book and the melissa roberts needlework book, bun, and painted tins are gone pending payment

Everything else is still up for grabs!

I have pictures!

09-26-2007, 09:36 PM
Hi, sent pm

10-04-2007, 12:03 PM
bonnet pattern and paletot pattern are gone pending payment

also ivory twill wool corset is gone pending payment

10-04-2007, 12:05 PM
Janet Arnold books are sold pending payment

10-11-2007, 01:36 PM
Paletot pattern and corded sun bonnet pattern are sold, CW historian magazines and Watchdog magazine are sold, and the Ivory wool twill corset is sold.

corded bonnet, hair bun w/box, tins and two needlework books are being held for someone so not available anymore

Janet Arnold books are still sold pending payment


10-11-2007, 03:19 PM
Is Beadle’s Dime Guide To Dress-making still avaliable if so could you list a price?

Steph Farra

10-15-2007, 11:40 AM
Yes it is still available and I am asking $5

Thank you!