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Let's see, no pay, no t-shirt, no DVD aan no gas money (with gas around $3 a gallon). Have we heard this story before somewhere? I guess people are beating down you door to be in the movies. As has been stated before, there's enough folks out there that want their 15 minutes of fame to show up for this. Most of us can't afford to.

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It's really not entirely about the money, though, that is a big part of it. The average re-enactor will spend thousands of dollars on his impression, and something even more valuable: time. Time spent researching, sewing, stitching, and heavens knows what else to get it right. Then he'll be asked to take that hefty investment of time and money to a place to have his picture taken. The people asking and taking the pictures will attempt to make money from those pictures - and that is perfectly okay.

The problem you are confronting in this endeavor is this: Even a copy of the DVD is not considered adequate consideration in this "contract." Unless the re-enactor just wants to see his face on the screen.

The average re-enactor - and I am saying this without taking a poll - probably has no interest in being an extra in a film. At least not unless he is given adequate consideration for his thousands of dollars and hours that have gone into making him a good re-enactor.

Granted, I don't know you and don't know your intentions with this film. However, my money says you are going to try to use this to make money, or put you in a place to make money down the road. And that is where your ambition - however admirable it may be, and it is - and our hours and dollars for history will usually part ways.

I do wish you the very best in this project - it seems to be an ambitious and worthy topic to film. However, you may want to go to a message board for budding actors or film extras if you want bites. I just get the feeling you will come up pretty dry in these parts.

I don't know why, but I felt I needed to share this .02 of uninvited advice with you and perhaps others pondering a similar question for the assembled group here.


04-26-2006, 12:03 AM
I noticed that you pulled your post and therefore I do not know if you will ever log back in to see this. But just in case, basically the reenacting community got burned and burned badly during the filming of Gods and Generals. Promises were made and were almost not kept except for the repeated protests by the community. Even then, there are many in the hooby who still feel today that the moneys delivered to preservation never matched the dollars promised. Then you get the Gettysburg vidoes which make even more profits for those organizers with no corresponding compensation (or reduced registration fees) for the reenactors nor any substantial contributions to preservation beyond a small token. Now had you promised a portion of your proceeds to a preservation cause because of reenactor support, you would probably find a much more receptive audience.