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09-05-2007, 12:33 PM
I'm interested in learning about the different colors that were available for civilian footwear for our period. I've gone in and searched images on the Internet for color photographs of actual shoes and boots from our period, but have hardly found any at all -- a few.

Other than blacks or russet browns, maybe whites (women's boots? Just guessing.), were there other color variations available? I think about colors of the 20th century like cordovan or oxblood, and wonder if there were 1800's equivalents.

It's something I got to thinking about. I think I've seen paintings from much earlier time periods of medieval or possibly rennaissance themes in which the footwear even included some bright reds and greens. And I remember when the restoration and careful cleaning began on the ceiling painting in the Sistine Chapel, artists were stunned at the brilliance of pigments that Michelangelo had at his disposal. The world had color in the old days.

No, I'm not thinking of dying a pair of men's period shoes green -- just curious if we had gone completely drab by the 1800's.

Murray Therrell

09-05-2007, 01:23 PM
Ive not done a lot of research on shoe colours, especially not mens. But this link may help you out http://eng.shoe-icons.com/museum/select_age.htm?age=47 and http://eng.shoe-icons.com/museum/objects.htm?age=47 (can thank Sewing Academy for these links!). Page 4 has green shoes (Id wear those now!) but they were 1870s. Just have your pop up blocker off so you can click for dates.