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04-23-2006, 09:48 PM
Just wanted to give everyone the address to our companies website. We are currently in development of a documentary about the life of Johnny Clem during the Civil War. Check it out.
We are a small independent company with no financial backing. Everything that is spent comes out of the pockets of a few so we are looking for help to accomplish some big scenes that we are going to hold throughout this summer. We can offer some food and the usual amenities. If you have any questions please feel free to email us from the website or post on our forum. Thanks for your time.


04-29-2006, 08:16 PM
Let me also add that as Co-Executive Producer on the project, we are striving to make the best and most accurate documentary on the subject ever made. But in order to do that, we will need as many reenactors and background artists this summer as we can get. If you would be interested in taking part in the making of this documentary, please check out our website at www.historicalproductions.zoomshare.com/ or email me directly at hispro@peoplepc.com.

Thank you,
Wayne Whited