View Full Version : McDowell Caps and Rain Caps

04-22-2006, 11:14 PM
Have a nice supply of custom Federal McDowell caps and Goodyear patent rain caps as well as NY Depot canteens.

McDowell caps are an amazing reproduction made by NJ Sekela and are perfect for enlisted as well as an officer impression.

Goodyear rain caps will serve you well not only to keep the rain off but make a sweet pillow when used with a rolled up shirt inside. These hats are mentioned in diaries by soldiers North and South. By NJ Sekela.

NY Depot canteens are covered and come with a cotton drill strap stamped with appropriate inspector markings. Also included is a length of hemp string for use in place of the attaching chain. These canteens also feature a custom spout made direct from an original as well as a custom washer for the bottom of the cork assembly copied directly from an original as well!

Full details and pricing on the site.
Thanks you