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08-28-2007, 03:23 PM

I have been reenacting for about 7 years as Infantry. I am 19 and I am wanting to get my Paramedic certification and I am wanting to get a Field Dressing Station impression going. Because I dont want to go as far as a surgeon, I figured a stweard or in many ways a(field Medic) would be alright for me to do..cause I can teach the impression, and if a comrade was to go down..I could "really" help. I have some really close friends here in NC who are CW Surgeons, and I have learned alot, But I am trying to find some good websites or people to help me in finding out the spacific things that a stweard needs for the field, and a good place to get equipment. Also, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas concerning my proposed impression, please feel free to tell me, I am open to any ideas or critisisim.

08-28-2007, 04:16 PM
It's my understanding stews did not run field dressing stations. They worked back at the hospital itself. The FDS was an assistant surgeon and a hospital attendant with a hospital pack. Rather than reinvent the wheel please feel free to read my after action report on Paynes Farm. We did a two-man field dressing station for the battalion.

As far as gear is concerned the Big Name is Ed Archer at Bohenian Brigade Books. There are a couple of other vendors. Milk Creek sells a less expensive knock-off of a pocket dissection kit, Two Flags has a few items, Gettysburg Sutler has a few miscellaneous medical items.

Your questions have been addressed in various iterations before. I'd suggest you read up on past threads, copy and paste what you need, visit the websites we pimp, and if you have specific questions on specific topics, drop on back and we can pull up some chairs.

Above all, welcome to one heck of an impression.