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08-27-2007, 10:43 AM
The BF and some others in the military company are thinking about going to Gettysburg next year for the 145th. (Next year is the 145th, right?) I'd like to go also, but I am thinking that since it's my first time twice over (first time going to Gettysburg, and first time attending an event that is sure to be huuuuge) it might be better to stay in a hotel/motel rather than bringing all my accommodations with me. (I don't have a wall tent, fly, and a room or two worth of furniture like some people, but as a civilian I definitely have more to bring along than a campaigning soldier does!) Also, our next-door neighbor loves Civil War history (I'm trying to get her into reenacting) and I'm going to ask her if she'd like to come with me and split the hotel cost.

So, short version of the question: Could anyone (especially if you've been there before) recommend to me a hotel/motel near where the reenactors would be camped out? It doesn't need to be right next door, but not clear across town would be nice. I may change my mind later, but I want to make a reservation now before they all get booked up (if that hasn't happened already).

08-27-2007, 12:35 PM
We like the Travelodge and Quality Inn....Mind you the last time we did the G'burg Anniversary reenactment, most rooms were already booked and the closest we got was just outside Harrisburg at the Plantation Inn. Was about a 20-25 min ride both ways. Some hotels/motels are funny and won't make reservations this far in advance...something about the computer turnover dates.
We have also stayed at the Eisenhower inn after the event...
Can you tell we are the "Ramada Rangers"???

08-28-2007, 06:12 PM
I would recommend something close to Route 15, you can then scoot up the highway and access the event from the "top" side. There are 3 fairly new hotels at the interchange of Rtes 30/15. A Courtyard Marriott, The Wyndham and a Sleep Inn. Sleep Inn is probably your best bet, they are brand new and should have availability, also lower cost :-) Good Luck!

(The Local Gal)

08-28-2007, 08:24 PM
Thank you, both of you! I'll call some of those places tomorrow. If everyone is already booked up then I guess that's a sign I'm either not supposed to go this time, or I'm supposed to schlep all my civilian stuff along...

08-28-2007, 08:34 PM
what ever you decide book it now it will be full by december for the event. Also you may want to try one of the inns withing the town itself. I have stayed at a few and as a living historian it gives you an idea of where a 19th centry traveler would have stayed.(minus a few modern anchorisms)

08-29-2007, 01:56 PM

A place that I used to stay at outside of Gettysburg, but VERY close-by, was the Cleveland Motel. I do not know if it's still there, but when I was staying it was simple, but very clean and well kept.

One other thing to consider is bringing some modern camping gear and staying at the nearby KOA campground. Lots less expensive, nearby, and they also have little "Kampin' Kabins" available for those sans tents. They have a snack bar, mom&pop grocery, showers and laundry facilities on-site, as well as a pool, etc.


08-29-2007, 04:56 PM
Go to the Gettysburg reenactment site and there you will find a list of 20 or so motels.

I am coming from Yuma AZ and booked my room today!

08-29-2007, 08:31 PM
All this info is great, keep it coming!

08-30-2007, 07:55 PM
Just booked a room for myself, thanks everyone!

Poor Private
09-02-2007, 06:16 PM
Whats wrong with sleeping in your car?:grin: YOU can lean back the seat, turn on your tunes and zone out!

09-03-2007, 07:18 PM
In all honesty, I'm a fussy sleeper and always have been. It needs to be darkish, quiet, and somewhat soft. That's why I can't sleep on the ground like some other folks can, I need some kind of cushioning. And in most cases I must be lying on my stomach to fall asleep. So most likely I wouldn't get much sleep in my car because the seat doesn't lean back far enough.

The idea did occur to me at Jackson, however... I wasn't prepared for the nighttime temperature and shivered the whole night! I was debating if I wanted to not sleep in my car and at least be warm, or if I wanted to stay in the tent and not sleep. Guess I don't really know why I stayed in the tent.

09-04-2007, 01:21 PM
And yes, I do know you were teasing just a little bit. But I couldn't think up a smarty-pants answer, so I just went with the boring truth instead!

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09-04-2007, 07:41 PM
You were cold at Jackson? Must have been Saturday night. It did get a bit chilly then. Take an extra blanket or 2 and leave em in your car or use em for extra badding under you. And sorry you got chilly and you know me, yes I was kidding.