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08-25-2007, 05:00 PM
Does anyone know of a unit doing the Union 11th Corps? I'm looking for a german unit like the 74th PA.Definately want a campaign style group.I live 14 miles east of Gettysburg.I know the Liberty Rifles did a 153rd PA. impression,and there are other predominately German units out there,but I'd like to stick to the Federal side and strictly 11th Corps.
Mark Hull

Jim of the SRR
08-26-2007, 10:57 AM
The problem is that most campaigner groups do not portray any particular unit. This is because each event they attend has impressions set by the organizer, which depends upon what scenario/battle/vignette he is trying to portray. You may find a campaigner group with a standard impression that meets what you are looking for, but impressions vary event to event.

Jim Butler

08-26-2007, 11:19 AM
Thanks,Jim.I understand the different scenarios for events.I was on a few websites like the Liberty Rifles and Chesapeake Volunteer Guards and they're both great units by the looks of the photos.I didn't know if there were any small units that portrayed 11th Corps for living histories.I can only afford one impression,so I have to make sure it's one I like.Also,I'd hate to join a unit and not be able to participate in half the events.
Mark Hull

08-26-2007, 01:45 PM
Mark -

Fortunately, if you're looking for a mid-war XI Corps impression, it will carry you through a good majority of any other Federal portrayal you may have the chance to do. For our Gettysburg program last year, the research indicated that Von Gilsa's Brigade would have been attired in standard AOP fare, with the 153rd favoring frock coats. The New York regiments early on had some weird, specific affectations, but they'd lost them by '63. So, your XI Corps impression can easily be made a III Corps impression can easily be made a II Corps impression and so on, with the simple switching of insignia. With a good fatigue blouse, pair of sky blue trousers, and forage cap, you can theoretically call yourself whatever Corps you want.

One of the nucleus groups of the LR, the Hardtack Society, used to have a 45th New York impression that it would do from time to time -- this one was very specialized, though, as it required a New York jacket and a Mississippi or Enfield rifle, and became too cost-prohibitive and limiting for new members, so we de-emphasized it. Personally, I retained my 45th NY stuff, and will trot it out whenever the opportunity arises, but as Jim points out, the campaigner movement seldom rests on one specific unit, as a matter of keeping things interesting...much less rest on an XI Corps unit, as we all know too well how they got shafted by history, and still haven't shaken the unfair "Flying Dutchmen" moniker to this day.

That said, here in the New York region there is a long-established group that portrays the 119th New York, with an increasing campaigner movement therein; also, we have the 52nd New York, a small, independent unit that portrays the Germans of that regiment in living histories around the area.

Bahn frei!

08-26-2007, 02:25 PM
Being active in authentic living history as you and Jim Butler are,I respect and admire the way your units are so diversified.Back in 1994,or thereabouts,while marching along West Confederate Ave. in Gettysburg during the remembrance day parade,I made a comment on portraying multiple units.Mike Wanas,from New Jersey,made fun of me for that statement."You can't do all those impressions."Of course,he joined the Southern Guard and did just that.
Reading **** Dutch,Pennsylvania Germans at Gettysburg by Dave Valuska,it sparked a new interest in what the narrow minded call the "Flying Dutchman."My reason for a Pennsylvania Regiment was for an easier early to mid war portrayal without worrying about NY state jackets,etc.For me,working every other weekend is an issue.If I could find units that are quality and doing living history at GNMP throughout the season,maybe I could get an interest in doing an 11th Corps impression in the future after the OK from Tom Holbrook.
Mark Hull