View Full Version : Civilian overshirt ("miner's shirt) and other items add

04-19-2006, 03:23 AM
Carter & Jasper announces the addition of several items to its ever expanding inventory.....

First, we would like to announce the addition of a civilian overshirt that was patterned after originals seen in images as well as an original at the Steamboat Arabia museum. Mr. Jim Miller has allowed Carter & Jasper to use his research and pattern drafting to reproduce these shirts. The shirts can be had in a variety of styles, but were most commonly seen in one of three styles: 1. overshirt with "slit" neck opening with one closure button, 2. overshirt with placket neck opening similar to period civilian shirts, 3. overshirt with bib opening, sometimes decorated and trimmed. (Pictured shirt is from an image of a California miner). Contrary to many "homespun" descriptions of overshirts, shirts of this type were commercially available as early as 1853, as is attested to by a listing and description of a "miner's frock" in Reed Brothers & Company Clothiers catalog. According to the description, "it (the shirt) was originally intended for the California market, but is now much used by teamsters, boatmen, & c. & c." The shirts are currently available in dark red, red, and gray wool flannel. These shirts are machine sewn with hand sewn button holes. The shirts are available in all three described styles, and can also be trimmed according to the customer's wishes. The base cost for the shirts is $110, with the pictured style below being $120. Sizes for the shirts are large and X-large currently, but smaller sizes can be made upon request. Brass buttons and additional trimmings can also be added for additional costs.

Carter & Jasper has also added to its inventory a line of period correct baskets, tin cans, and period correct stearin candles, as well as new elastic and non-elastic suspenders. Please check the website as these products are being added daily.....