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04-18-2006, 03:02 PM
I am posting the following for Chris Anders from the New Users forum.


Here is an update including instructors and classes for the Camp of Instruction, Girding for War, at Fort Delaware, May 12-14, 2006. More information and registration forms are availible at www.wmhf.org

First off, I realize this is Mother's Day Weekend, and as such ferries will be availibe to move troops back to the mainland on Saturday Evening, and the School will end at noon on Sunday for those who can stay.

This is a training and public interp weekend, as we will have spectators. The event is an 1861 Federal event, so both Federal uniforms and militia uniforms are appropriate. This means those who have short gray shell jackets will be portraying NY Militia for the weekend. Period Civilian Clothing ofr Recruits is also acceptable.

More uniform rules and regulations are availbie at the web site. This is about classes and schedule.

Fort Delaware is on an island, only the Park Service Ferry can take you there. You must be at the City Dock no later than 7:30pm to make the boat friday night. There will be a ferry Saturday morning as well, but friday arrivals are highly encouraged.

There are 2 seperate schools this weekend, one for officers and one for the enlisted, as in previous COI's.

Casey's is the Manual for Instruction, and While it is not an 1861 manual the instruction of such is required for many up coming event, more so than perhaps Baxter's or others.

We are grateful to have the following instructors for the Enlisted School.

Bayonet Exercise- Marc Hermann and Tom Piston

School of the Soldier- Marc Hermann

School of the Company- Guy Gayne

Skirimish Drill- Mike Hendricks and Matt Piston (bugler)

Battalion Drill- Chris Anders and Mike Hendricks

Officer Classes

Saber Exercise- Bruce Mulligan

Leadership-Tim O'neil and Kevin Air

Grand Tactics- Tim O'neill

Customs of Service- Mike Lavis

Officer Paperwork- Andrew Dangel

Period Military Etiquette- Jack Hefestay

Fatigue Duty for Kitchen Details will be requested by Matt Maclaughlin as required, and all meals will be served in the period Mess Hall, excpting the Officers, who have hired local ladies to prepare thier meals.

Look for more details soon.


S. Chris Anders