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08-15-2007, 10:29 PM
Wanted ; Members in good physical condition. Membership in the Susquehanna Mess may not be for everyone. The unit is very physically demanding. The unit does lots of drilling, marching, running, jumping, getting dirty, wet, sore, cut, cursed, bruised, etc. We are not a spit-and-polish parade ground unit; we are recreating the ragged lives of foot soldiers on campaign. Nonetheless, a soldier must maintain his kit and uniform.

The unit strives to be as accurate as possible. If we find we have to change items or practices that contradict historical evidence, we do so. All clothing and equipment is to be made as authentic as possible. The unit is not just authentic in clothing and equipment, we carry out mail and pay calls, picket duty, patrols, etc. We camp in campaign style, not with the comforts of home like mainstream units, but in lean-tos, shelter halves, shebangs, or under the stars. A member is only eligible to take with him to events the things he can carry on his back, because we portray soldiers on the move. We eat only period foods and rations just like the boys of 61. If this sounds like a load of fun to you, then chances are this is the right unit for you. The Susquehanna Mess is a premier progressive living history group and a great unit to be a part of.

Please Contact Michael Merritt at cwmedreenactor@aol.com/susquehannamess or 1-717-606-2221

We are based in Gettysburg Pennsylvania and have members from all over the Mid-Atlantic area. We accept members of ANY age and enourage youth and historical accuracy in the the hobby today. We are family friendly.
Thanks everyone