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02-11-2006, 11:52 AM
It's nice to have the board back on-line!

What events are you preparing for this year? What are you doing in preparation?

Myself and the family will be doing a pre-war, Oregon Trail event this June, with a few other families. Each family is responsible for their own "back story" of immigration, and we'll be researching a few different families through diaries and letters to pin down some of the fine points of our impression. I also have to update (or back date!) clothing for the children and my husband, for 1857-1859.

Linda Trent
02-12-2006, 12:59 AM
Hi Liz,

Right now we're looking at The Road to Goldsboro, and then the 1857 camping trip, followed by Shaker Village "Immersion House," and a small private 1888 event this fall.

As civilian coordinator for the Road to Goldsboro -- I've been reading a lot of primary and secondary sources concerning the civilians in the area. Some of the best sources are located on the civilian event webpage. http://roadtogoldsboro.homestead.com/index.html I'm especially thankful for Kathleen Jackson for transcribing the Fayetteville Observer for the three months preceeding the event that gives us an idea what the gossip is only 15 miles away! So we're preparing for Sherman's Bummers, and all sorts of great stuff with this one!

With the 1857 camping trip well, it's an entire week! It's home page is http://1857hockingtrip.homestead.com/index.html It's really the baby of Abby Walker, but Hank's offered to put it on. We'll be immersing ourselves for a week in 1857, in the rugged beautiful countryside of south-eastern Ohio. I'll be studying the Indian lore of the area, as well as the history of Dayton and many other things. This is an event where we started out wanting to wear our long dresses, but after reading account after account of Northern women going on these sorts of excursions, well, it looks like I'll be getting a Bloomer costume. :twisted:

Shaker Village promises to be a bit different this year. Rather than portraying the aftermath of the battle of Perryville, we're doing an early war recruiting scenario.

And for the 1888 event, I'll have tons of things to learn and research, and Hank's gonna make me a wine colored silk tafetta bustle dress and I already know exactly what I want, a dress just like my g grandmother's wearing in a photograph I have of her, dated 1887/8 :D

There may be another one or two events that I've forgotten, or that will get thrown together between now and then, but that's about it for now. Really, that's about all I can handle for one year.


02-13-2006, 02:44 PM
Hello Elizabeth,

Your Oregon Trail event sounds interesting. Where will it be? A couple of years ago on my return trip from Yosemite I stopped at Ft Laramie for an event there. It was a post war type event but I had a great time and did some tintypes for the reenactors.

I made a trip to see where the Oregon Trail cut through near by and it was really cool. Wagon wheel ruts cut a few feet into solid rock. I also visited Signature Rock ??, not sure if thats the name for it.

After leaving Ft Laramie I stopped at Chimney Rock and got a nice wet plate landscape image.

Bob Szabo

02-13-2006, 03:03 PM

When is Shaker Village? Id like to go to that. Is there already a wet plate photographer there?

Bob Szabo

Linda Trent
02-13-2006, 03:10 PM
Susan Hughes is the contact person for Shaker Village. It's the weekend of Sept 22-24, 2006.

As far as a wet plate artist, I know a couple years ago (the event's held every other year), they had Tim Parson and another gentleman -- we had our pics done by Tim, so sorry I can't remember the other man's name.

I assume you have Mrs. Hughes' contact information, but if not let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you.


02-13-2006, 06:53 PM
This particular one will be at Fort Bridger, near the Utah border. The scenario is a layover (common at Bridger, just before the final push over the Continental Divide), and it's a nice one, set in 1859... long enough for the fort to have been back in operation for a year after it was burned down during the Mormon Wars, but not into the war years, so we can all have our own political leanings, without any military involvement (beyond the garrison at the fort.)

The scenario also allows for tenting by citizens (not unusual on the Westward Trails), and for a lack of lots of men for each family--as the men can conveniently be "up in the next valley, where the grazing for the livestock is better."

I'm tickled--it's only about 5 hours driving to get there, and that's practically "back yard" out here!

Linda Trent
02-13-2006, 10:00 PM
I just spoke with Abby Walker and she told me the other gentleman was Wendell Decker. Yep, now she said that I remember :lol:


02-16-2006, 11:38 AM
Springtime always brings School Programs. Right now, about 8 days on the schedule, at 4 different parks, the majority of them in Alabama. Preparation for these means washing and carding wool, in preparation for spinning, and collecting dyestuffs if I'm going to be running dyepots.

In addtion, there's play time:

The dead of winter finds me in 1812 or 1740 time period, twice a month until the weather breaks, including:

February--Toulouse Woodswalk--a livefire and woods craft competition
March---Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Then its back to CW period

March--A Fighting Withdrawal http://www.westernindependentgrays.org/LBL/lbl_home.htm#civ
Civilian participant. Census reading and original source material, plus making a wool sacque and petticoat of monstrous size.

April--Fort Moultrie LH
Chief Cook and bottle washer for a small civilian support staff at this pre-war militia living history. Nose in the cookbook even as we speak.
And, more than half my school programs are in this month

May--High Hampton LH, at the summer home of Gen Wade Hampton. Essentially a school program, but with grown ups.

June-Perryville on the Farm
I'm taking the spinning wheel if I can fit it into my carry-on luggage. If not, I'm sure they'll need extra plow hands for that corn field

Summer months will be taken up with French and Indian War period events, but I'll also try to do a CW event in the St. Louis area

September-Shaker Village


November--Alabama Frontier Days (hi-volume school program and my fall dye run)

Somewhere in all this, I've got 3 trips scheduled to review and document some period knitted goods that are in a private collection

And, for the long range, I've been working for awhile on the civilian arrangements and logistics for Red River III in March 2007. That alone should keep me throughly occupied for 2006.

02-27-2006, 03:27 PM
As far as events go, not quite sure yet. The husband and I were just relocated by the Navy from Spain to WA state.

As far as preparations go--I've been going through my stuff and pitching the old, worn out wardrobe items and making some new items.