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08-11-2007, 05:10 PM
We are a Confederate dismounted/skirmish cavalry unit with HQ in western Pennsylvania. As such, we strive to portray the CS cavalryman in that role as best we can. You won't find gobs of yellow trim, ostrich plumes, yahoo's, cavaliers, or multiple pistols here. What you will find is a core group that takes the impression seriously and attempts to go beyond the stereotypical dismounted units that sully the image of the Confederate cavalryman. Where you live isn't important. That you are serious about portraying a cavalry skirmisher is. We typically camp and take orders from a mounted cavalry unit. Don't let "geography" hold you back if you have the desire to portray a cavalryman in his skirmisher role seriously. Our unit has written guidelines, rules and regulations. If you are serious about a dismounted impression, we may be an option.

E-Mail StuartsCavalry@yahoo.com

Mark Stuart

08-12-2007, 10:15 PM
Even though I am infantry, I can attest to Mark's sincere desire to do it right. If you want to be a dismounted cowboy/yahoo dismounted reenactor, Mark is not the man to be with. But if you are sincere in portraying cavalry as they fought in the dismounted role, I would highly recommend giving Mark's unit serious consideration. (And no, this is not a paid advertisement :D)