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08-07-2007, 01:53 PM
Join us, we are composed with two other companys th 33rd and 51st NC Infantry and our group is called the Iron Grays. We are doing the Living History event this weekend in Gettysburg. We are camping out at Pitzers Woods by Longstreet Monument. Come out and see us. Other units will be there with us the 27th North Carolina, and the 13th North Carolina.

Here is our link to our site.


send me a e-mail at civilwarnc@wilkes.net

Eric Hinson
08-21-2007, 08:37 AM
Where are you guys located out of? I'm a member of the 1st NC Artillery, associated with the 26th NC/Carolina Legion. Its nice to know where other NC units are operating out of.

For the Snow Camp/Zachary Hill event, I'm thinking about attending this with some friends of mine from C Co. 2nd US out of charlotte. Can you give me some info about this event? I read the ad in Camp Chase and it sounded like a great event.


PS. I just missed you at Gettysburg, we came into town the afternoon of the 12th and stayed till the 16th, but you had already packed up by the time we got there.

08-28-2007, 05:21 AM

You probablly know me already but I am not sure, I am Sean Dunham from the Late 28th. I am the one the Battalion calls Chim-Chim, I know most of the guys in the 37th, 33rd, and 51st. I am a member of the 63rd right now, and I am not completely happy on the way things are going. I talked to tudd a few years back, but I was just courious on where is the majority of yall's events, and how spread out are you. My fgreat great uncle was a private in Company C. Thanks..See ya on the field

Sean Dunham
Cpl. 63rd NCT

08-28-2007, 02:31 PM
I also am in the 37th. I see that JD hasn't answered any questions so we do events in the ANV the AOT. Pretty much well scattered, but alot of guys try to car pool if they can. We're going to Mill Springs KY at the end of September. We're a good bunch with a good impression and drill. I was blown away when I saw it the first time. You oughta come oiut and join us. If you want to let me know and I'll get the ball rollin.


08-28-2007, 04:10 PM

I will get up with you, once I see what I am going to do. Also, does tudd or any of you other guys have original information etc. on the origanal soldiers, Cause I would reallty like to protray my Anceister. But I know alot of the guys are from the mountians, and I dont like to drive alot...lol..so if there are any guys from around my area, let me know...cause I know i would enjoy the 37th.. I would trurly be honored, I see a member is from Rockwell, which is right by me, I am researching a medical impression, but if I was to join the 37th, I would maintain a Soldier, and continue to campaign. Get back with me...