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07-31-2007, 06:48 PM
Greetings all, the members of "SINK STREET" aka Vincent's Brigade CO. C 2ND US REGULARS are seeking new members for the hobby.

In 1979, a decision was made to portray a company in the 2nd Regiment of US Regulars. We became company C. We adopted the US Army Regulations and the US Infantry Drill Manual, which is based on Hardy's Infantry Tactics as well as Casey's Infantry Tactics.

Since then we attended renactments in the Mid-Atlantic region, the area which we are most active, and have traveled from Lake Ontario to Flordia and west of the Mississippi River, with England as our most easterly destination. Such event's include the 125th, 130th, 135th,140th and now the 145th series. We are one of the core units that founded Vincent's Brigade in the winter of 1985.

We are a Baltimore, Maryland based unit. We do reenactments, living histories, parades and memorial ceremremonies. We do not hesitate to attend more demandng events such as Recon on the Rappahannock, Bentonville or Saylor's Creek.

Drill and Equipment:
Our drill is from the 1861 US Infantry Manual, and drill is scheduled at most events. We are equipped according to the US Regulations. Our Uniform consist of the following:1858 Mc Dowel Brim Forage Cap, Sack Coat(Fatique Blouse), Trowsers, Brogans, Period Shirt or US Issue Shirt. We are armed with the following: 1861 Model Springfield Musket with an M1858 Bayonet and Sling. Our Accouterments are as follows: Belt with US Oval Buckle, Cap Box, M1855/58 . 58 Caliber Cartridge Box with a Shoulder Strap and Breast Plat, Issued Tarred Haversack, Canteen and Bayonet Scabbard. Don't worry we allow newcomers to borrow equipment until they can get their own kit together.

Our Dress Uniform consist of a Frock Coat, Dark Blue Trowsers, Shoulder Scales, and a Hardee Hat.Dress Uniforms, Knapsacks, Blanket Roll, Gum Blanket, and Greatcoat can all be acquired after one fulfills the basic uniform regulations. We can assist you in any way to find the correct equipment, do not buy anything unless someone from the unit goes with you this way you do not buy the wrong equipment.

We camp Mainly as a unit in garrison with "A" tents, but also use dog tents and shabang's depending on event scenario. Our unit has a company mess,'Sink Street'; in which everyone participates for a low fee. We encourage car pooling to keep the costs of trips down. Ammunition is issued at events FREE if you Participate in the rolling of rounds.

If you think you have what it takes to be a US REGULAR and would like to join us for friendship and commaraderie, please contact our company recruiting officer: CPT MARK LEE mklee@zoominternet.net