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07-31-2007, 03:50 PM
I'd like to tell you all about a website I'm creating for Civil War Texas Civilian Living History. Texas tends to be a little different than that rest of the south, now and in 1860. This new site is Texas and civilian specific and includes resources, a bibiliography, a list of events in Texas, a Texas history
timeline, and will eventually include articles on Texas dress, material culture, and developing a Texas impression. It will address all civilians, women, children and men.

On the site is a link to a Yahoo! group I've created to discuss the Texas Civil War civilian. It is open to anyone who wants to discuss Texas civilians and is open to men and women.

Both the website and the group are in the construction stage, so please don't expect anything too fancy yet, or expect the list to be very busy until there are more members, etc.

It is hoped these efforts will result in an informal group of Texans interpreting the Texas Civil War homefront that can meet up at events, plan event scenarios, even perhaps eventually develop our own civilian centered events.

The link to the website, which has a link to the Yahoo! group is

07-31-2007, 04:44 PM
Ms. Bethke

I have been to your website and think that it has alot of potential. I am looking foward to view it again when completed. I am sure there are people that are not familiar with the role that Texas had during the war. I went to school in Texas,all of my life,and don't recall alot of time spent learning from the teachers about the Civil War,and Texas.