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Chuck A Luck
02-11-2006, 10:57 AM
Gilmor’s Raid
Jerusalem Mill Village, Harford County, Maryland
June 24-25, 2006

Historic Jerusalem Mill Village is hosting its 3rd Annual Civil War Encampment on the weekend of June 24-25, 2006. The event commemorates CSA Major Harry Gilmor's 1864 raid on McCourtney's Store, one of several restored buildings still located at the village. In July of 1864, Major Gilmor and 135 of his men, elements of the 1st and 2nd Maryland Cavalry, passed through Jerusalem Mill on their way to burn the railroad bridge at Magnolia Station over the Little Gunpowder, where they ran off a company of 100-day Ohio militiamen. Gilmor’s troops stopped long enough in Jerusalem Mill village to requisition supplies and "liberate" horses from McCourtney's Store and the surrounding area.

Join us, in the scenic Little Gunpowder Falls valley for our Civil War Weekend. Each day there will be a small-scale reenactment of Gilmor's raid as well as a more general demonstration of Civil War combat. Between battles visitors are urged to stroll through the camps, chat with the knowledgeable reenactors, and have a closer look at their uniforms and equipment. Throughout the day Saturday there will be a musical sets by the Camptown Shakers, doing their special style of early 19th century music. Period and non-period refreshments will be on sale for a nominal charge at the refreshment stand. A delicious dinner will be provided to all registered reenactors Saturday evening.

Photographs of, and directions to, the site as well as further information (including event regulations, registration form, and more historical information) can be found at the Jerusalem Mill website (www.jerusalemmill.org), then click on the “Gilmor’s Raid” link.

Additional authentic Confederate mounted cavalry willing to fall in with attending elements of the 4th Virginia Cavalry, Co. D (Little Fork Rangers), as well as a limited number of Confederate infantry, are welcome. There is also room for some artillery. Dismounted cavalry is by invitation only. There is yet room for more Federal troops to help “garrison” the village. If interested in attending this event as an 1860’s civilian or military reenactor, please contact Charles Kibler (cjkibler@comcast.net), the Reenactor Coordinator.

Chuck A Luck
03-09-2006, 04:46 PM
Also to point out that the website has been updated recently, with a Civilian Activities page (Miss Victoria Kent will be on site to organize and coordinate civilian activities), expanded Historical background, including a page featuring "The Ballad of Ishmael Day", which one of the Saturday scenarios (more a "skit") will be about. http://jerusalemmill.org/Ishmael%20Day.html