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07-10-2007, 11:16 AM
We are always willing to take in a new recruit or two. A few seasoned vets have also joined our ranks. Most members hail from Southern New Jersey. A few are from Northern & Central Jersey too. We have a smattering of members from surrounding DE. & PA.

Most events are local to NJ, but we do travel to Gettysburg (twice a year) and southward to VA. or MD. (two to three times per year).

Schedule includes about 16 events per year. These include: drill, reenactments, parades and living histories (encampments).

We believe in a "uniform" appearance. New members are assisted by a veteran in the purchase and maintenance of needed goods.

Check our site by going to www.mifflinguard.org click link to 12th New Jersey.

Questions can be addressed to asiganuk@comcast.net