View Full Version : 22nd. North Carolina is looking for some soldiers

06-28-2007, 03:28 PM
The 22nd. North Carolina Co.H is looking for soldiers to fill it's ranks.
We are family oriented unit based in Northeast Ohio. Our unit has 5 Companies with two of them being based in Gettysburg, two in North Carolina & one (us) here in Ohio. If you are looking for a very laid back, fun, family unit that takes pride in our portrayal of Confederate military history please feel free to contact Capt. Jason Miller at 440-543-3211 or 440-708-4307.
Or visit our web site at www.myspace.com/22ndnccoh

Gregg Hensley
06-28-2007, 07:21 PM
I had to toss in a shameless plug for the 22nd. I'm a member of the 22nd NCST, Co. K, based in McDowell County NC, where both B and K companies were originally formed. Whether you're in Ohio, Pennsylvania or North Carolina, the 22nd is a growing regiment and is always looking for a few good men. We Tar Heels are most proud to serve with those who wish to portray one of the hardest fightin' regiments in The Confederacy. It looks like the 22nd will have a large turnout at Gettysburg (myself included) and I hope to meet you there Capt. Miller!

Sgt. Gregg Hensley
22nd NCST, Co. K
The McDowell Boys