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06-25-2007, 11:21 PM
Chasseurs de Chalmette is an authentic-minded organization whose sole purpose is to portray Louisiana Confederates. We are not focused on only one regiment or seat of war. Rather, Chasseurs de Chalmette pick and choose various Louisiana impressions each year based upon the event. Some impressions and events that are being considered at the moment include the 4th Louisiana for both Pickett's Mill and Port Hudson in 2008. Other impressions being considered are the 3rd Louisiana at Vicksburg, or possibly a more less known Louisiana regiment at Vicksburg.

Chasseurs de Chalmette, due to the nature of our mission, will require of its members to invest time and money in the persuit of authenticity. Being a member of the Chasseurs de Chalmette will require that every member build his impression as authentic as possible in regards to the event. Therefore, members of the Chasseurs de Chalmette should be prepared to create a special impression when required, as it is not always that a generic Richmond Depot, or Columbus Depot jacket will work for the impression. Some event impression might call for each member to carry an M1842, then the next impression might require each member to have an M1841 Mississippi Rifle with sabre bayonette, etc.

The Chasseurs de Chalmette also asks that each member be mindful of his authenticity and strive to maintain a proper weight and size. This does not mean that each member must be super thin, but to be a size 42 jacket is very reasonable to both today's health standards, as well as to an authentic sized soldier during the American Civil War. It is further encouraged that each member of the Chasseurs de Chalmette go even further in his impression and strive to practice 19th c. grooming in regards to his head and facial hair.

Although the focus of the Chassuers de Chalmette is the Louisiana Confederate soldier, don't let this focus on the State of Louisiana drive you away from the organization. Although you may reside in any one of the other 49 States in the Union, you will find that Louisiana allows for the opportunity to portray a very rich and exciting body of soldiers. Whether its a zouave impression, or a Shiloh impression that has us wearing dark blue uniform, to those ragged survivors of Vicksburg and Port Hudson, you will find that by portraying soldiers from the second wealthiest State within the Union at the outbreak of the Civil War will give you living history experiences that you will not find with other impressions and organizations.

If you are interested in the Chasseurs de Chalmette, please write to me for more information, or if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Nic Clark

07-23-2007, 07:20 PM
The Chasseurs de Chalmette, an authentic organization that focuses 100% upon Louisiana Confederates, seeks other authentic living historians to join our ranks. It does not matter if you do, or do not, live in the State of Louisiana. The Chasseurs de Chalmette have members in Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi, just to name a few. What brings us all together is a desire to be the most authentic living historians that we can, with a focus upon those soldies that came from the State of Louisiana.

If you are seeking not a mainstream, or even progressive groups, but rather an authentic organization to be a part of, contact me for further details on how you can become a member of the Chasseurs de Chalmette.

Merci a tout, mon amis et a bientot.

Nic Clark
Chasseurs de Chalmette