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Pennsylvania Reserves
06-12-2007, 07:57 AM
Good Morning,

I've been given the task to post an invitation here for any particular units or individuals interested in portraying a Company the Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps within our battalion. Currently, our Battalion is composed of about 10 infantry companies of reenactors all representing units from the Pennsylvania Reserves.

We are interested in recruiting particularly an artillery group and/or cavalry group to join our battalion to represent the 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery or 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, respectively. We also accept infantry of course, with the only exception being that they agree to represent a company of Pennsylvania Reserves when at PRVC Battalion events. Outside PRVC events, we don't mind what unit you portray. For example, if your company is Company G, 14th Brooklyn - and want to fall in with the PRVC Battalion for events, we'd ask that your unit dress as generic soldiers, and choose a persona such as Company G, 4th Pennsylvania Reserves... We only ask you keep this persona while at a PRVC event, thats all. Some groups don't mind doing that, others do.

We do not allow women in the ranks, however, we do have a rule about that. Any individual attempting to pass themselves as a man, must be able to pass morning dress parade without being picked out by the Battalion Commander. If the battalion commander (standing in front of the battalion) can pick you out like a sore thumb - then you will be asked to leave the formation. BUT - if you can successfully (as would have been done in the war) be passed off as a man, and dress parade is concluded - then you may stay with your unit.

Any unit/individual interested in falling in with/joining our battalion, please contact kanesrifles@comcast.net. (kanesrifles@comcast.net) or visit our website at www.pareserves.com

August Marchetti,
Sergeant Major, P.R.V.C.