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04-06-2006, 08:28 AM
If you're free for an event the weekend of June 9-11, there are a few spots available for an 1857 camping trip in south central Ohio.

While some reenactors will be participating longer, we can make arrangements for those who are only available for a weekend or long weekend, to join us on Thursday or Friday, and leave on Sunday or Monday.

This will be a unique immersion-style event, and the usual guidelines will apply--no hidden anachronisms, no modern talk. For more details, see the guidelines at http://1857hockingtrip.homestead.com/RulesGuidelines.html .

Participants will be portraying middle to upper class Ohio residents, on a camping excusion to the Hocking County area, a wilderness in 1857, "full of caverns and grottoes, clothed with dark evergreens of the hemlock and cedar... The whole region is full of interesting scenery, and affords some of the most wild and picturesque views of any other of equal extent in the state of Ohio... The country is at present but partially settled, but when good roads are opened and convenient inns established, no portion of Ohio can afford a richer treat for the lovers of wild and picturesque views," according to a writer in the 1830s.

His prediction came true, and the real Hocking Co. is now clogged with tourists, but we have an alternate setting which will provide many similar scenes, as well as miles of uninhabited land more like the deserted forests of 1857.

Research is based on many period accounts of middle-class men and women "roughing it," a few decades before pleasure camping became truly fashionable. Some examples are here:
http://1857hockingtrip.homestead.com/LadiesCamping.html and our trip will most closely resemble "Going to Mount Katahdin," an 1856 article linked from that page.

Male participants will be expected to carry two days of food, their own gear, plus a little extra, estimated at a total maximum of about 20-25 pounds, since female participants, as was typical in the period, will be carrying only the absolute minimum--their own snacks, maybe a change of undergarments, a sketchbook or whatever personal items they wish. You should be in condition to walk--slowly--about five miles a day over hilly terrain, but there will be plenty of opportunity for those who wish to explore more.

We have some truly unusual and picturesque camping locations planned, unique to the "Hocking County" experience. In case of severe or dangerous weather, there are back-up plans that won't lessen the period experience any, while keeping us safe from any chance of tornadoes, lightning, etc.

The majority of accounts indicate that women in these circumstances wore bloomer costumes, but dresses are also allowed. For the men, civilian clothing consisting of overshirts and/or sack coats, paletots, frock coats, etc. are typical. Either blanket rolls or civilian knapsacks are acceptable for the men, and we can discuss the details of gear with anyone who's interested.

If you're interested or have additional questions send me an email at hanktrent@voyager.net . If this sounds like something you'd like to do, but need help preparing or getting ready, don't worry--we're more than happy to help with research, advice, more information, etc. however we can.

Hank Trent

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