View Full Version : 1861 "Artillery" Model fer Sale

04-05-2006, 03:59 PM
This started life as an ArmiSport 3 band 1861 Springfield in the hands of a reenactor so it's had the nice hand rubbed oil finish put on it and some of the "offending" modern marks removed so he didn't LQQK to FARB in the middle of a few thousand other reenactors. <snicker>

I got it for a team mate and had it shortened two a two bander and inspected by the SAC and it comes with the approvel card. He's working to much at the FBI and hasn't been able to make it to the 2 times a year you can join my unit so he's dropping out of the N-SSA and selling his toyz.

Dan Whitacre Shortened and relined the barrel to the Artillery Spec's and bore is as new. Dan also dove-tailed the front sight for windage. Gun is sighted in an ready for the line.

Price $695