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05-28-2007, 08:58 PM
Hello again, I am looking into starting my outfit, I'm not sure where to begin though. I know I need underclothing but I don't know where to start. :oops: Any and all help would greatly be appricated. Thank you.

05-28-2007, 09:49 PM
If you feel like some reading, there are several free articles in the Compendium section of the website in my signature file, as well as some free patterns for basic undies (chemise, drawers, and petticoats.)

To help you get into specifics, what sorts of roles do you anticipate filling? Do you have any ideas on the historical economic level you might be working with? Many folks look at developing a good baseline working class impression, which can then be "slummed down" or "gussied up" as needed, to accomodate hardworking impressions or middle class events, whichever you like--a lot of the clothing is very flexible that way!

Do you sew yourself, or will you be needing to purchase things from good makers? You don't have to be a wonderful sewist--you'll need to know how to do a straight stitch by machine, and a running stitch by hand, and you can handle 90% off all your stitch needs. Even if you end up using a professional for portions of your wardrobe, making things like underwear at home will save you a BUNDLE of money, which can be focused on other needs.

For example, if you make your own chemises and drawers at home, you'll spend around $4 each in materials. You'll need at least three sets of undies if you normally do 3-day events. So, you'd spend $24 on three sets, made at home, plus another $10 to make two great petticoats (those can be worn more than one day at a time... up to a few weeks!) With at-home sewing, your basic white cotton undies are totally under $35. To pay a professional for that same number of undergarments will end up costing between $450 and $500. Make them at home and practice your sewing skills (they don't have to be perfect by any means!), and save yourself $465 for other projects. :)