View Full Version : Medical Men Wanted 45th Illinois-5th Georgia

05-23-2007, 07:01 PM
Can you stand the sight of "blood", want to "amputate" limbs, or just want to lance "pus" wounds?

If so we are looking for new recruits to become Nurses, Hospital Stewards, & Medical Staff Officers in our medical unit. We are located in Chicago Metro (Western Suburbs)but are seeking members in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northwestern Indiana.

Our unit portrays both the 45th Illinois Medical & 5th Georgia at Events in Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and at North-South Alliance - First Federal Division National Events. We are currently planning for Mill Springs KY in Sept 2007.

Our unit is out about 18 weekends a year between its members. For info or to join contract Dr. Trevor Steinbach at drbucher@hotmail.com