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Levi Battery
05-21-2007, 06:11 AM
My dear friends,

I receive this from a film maker. I spoke to Paul sometime ago and confirmed what has been written. I have included segments from the email for you. If you don't know Paul, He is a member of the SCV Buffalo Guards Camp-1975. He owns and operates Pickett’s General Store at 4207 State Highway 30 Amsterdam, NY 12010 518-842-8810.

Paul is a good friend and a support of all re-enactors. He has some property near his store and annually holds living history events. Paul is also a member of The Civil War Heritage Foundation. Of course he is best know for his portrayal of General George Pickett and is well known throughout the Northeast and Gettysburg area. Paul needs our help.

Paul’s Store


The following is the email that I received;

Dear Everyone:

Today, I received the E-mail below from Paul Karabin, who is slated to portray Confederate General George E. Pickett, who valiantly led Pickett’s charge in the Battle of Gettysburg. Paul and his family, fellow cast members, need our help.

Last October, Paul hit his head on a beam on the cellar stairs, causing a subdural hematoma, with the same results as a stroke - double vision, confusion, etc. Paul was hospitalized and eventually returned home, but continued to suffer months of not being able to drive or even see to read. His doctor indicated that it might be 3-5 months before his vision would return to normal, but to this day, Paul remains visually impaired.

Paul…bears a striking resemblance to the real George E. Pickett, and was cast him in that movie role for Vortex of Revelation. Paul has endured much, things that might make a man bitter, turning him against his God. Instead, Paul has embraced the Lord with an even stronger belief than before his accident.

I am concerned that COBRA was not offered to Paul by his last employer and that he and his family now seem in danger of losing their remaining source of income, a small store in Perth, New York called “Pickett’s General Store”.

Can any of us help Paul and his family? Civil War Re-enactors, do you know of anyone who needs someone to play George E. Pickett in reenactments over the summer months? Fellow cast, crew and production people, do you know of any parts that might fit Paul’s look - paying roles, preferably? And musical artists, composers, singers and songwriters, can a benefit concert be arranged somehow? At this point, I think that anything would help.

If you wish to contact Paul directly, his contact information is listed below:

(518) 842-3438 OR (518) 842-8810