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05-07-2007, 10:44 PM
Dear Civil War reenactors and living historians,

I just recently became a resident of the great state of Indiana, more specifically West Harrison; in the south eastern most corner of Indiana near Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved here from Greenville, South Carolina, where I was a reenactor for a time with the 1st SC Rgt. of Rifles (Orr’s Rifles) and the 4th SC Vol. Infantry. However I ended my reenacting days about five years ago when I enlisted in the modern US Army and moved to Germany where I have been ever since as a heavy infantryman in the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment (Mech)- 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (THE BIG RED ONE). I have been in Iraq for two combat tours (I’m still on my second one). I’m writing this letter from Baghdad, where my unit is currently deployed… I am currently a rifle-team leader in the Adhamiyah district of this city.

I should have gotten out of the Army last August, however I had to deploy with my unit- which was just extended for another several months. Because of my stop-lossed situation, I will be out of the Army as soon as my unit returns to Germany- and I’ll be home to the tri-state area within a few months of that. I miss reenacting- the friendship, history, and fun of it all… So, I have decided to pick it all up where I left off… I am interested in finding a unit to join in the greater Cincinnati area- It doesn’t matter which side either- I do both just as well.

I already own most of the equipment needed for either impression as I kept what I had several years ago. I am interested in finding a unit to join now so that I can get a jump start on getting all the rest of the stuff needed together as well as build a relationship with my new unit before I come home.

To tell a little about myself:
I am 23 years old and a combat veteran of Samarra and Baghdad, Iraq. My wife is from Indiana (that’s why I moved there). When I do get out of the Army I will be attending the University of Cincinnati in order to become a history teacher and eventually a professor. I am a military history adept and a grognard wargamer. I am by no means a farb, but I stress that fun is just as important as the impression. I am well drilled in the Hardee’s Manual of Light Infantry as well as experienced in the field… I participated in the 140th Manassas (a hot nightmare with limited water thanks to primedia) as well as many other large and small events (most local in SC). I know my role. But, as I said, I’ve been in the modern Army for some time now, so I may need some brushing up occasionally.

If you are interested in adding my musket to your ranks please respond to: marcuscorder@yahoo.com
Be warned: Because of my location, job, and situation I am very limited on communications at times so it may take some time for me to respond…

-Marcus A Corder

White Horse
05-09-2007, 01:11 AM
I live down the river a bit from you near Rising Sun. There is a pretty decent little event at Conner Prairie near Indy weekend afte next. Some decent units there that might interest you.

I do the horse thing my self and I know some units on down into KY, and we do have a six horse hitch and gun as well if you ever thought of doing Arty.

Hoosier Yank
05-11-2007, 04:24 AM
First off....

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and remember to file a claim with the VA*

I'm not sure if you would be interested but I belong to the Pumpkin Patch Mess. We are a progressive/hardcore group with membership mostly from Indiana, a few folks are also from Illinois and Michigan.

We are HEAVY HISTORY ORIENTED. We don't do many shoot 'em ups such as local events along the lines of the 15th Annual Dillsboro Bluegrass Festivial and CW Daze!

Our primary impression is Western Federal however, we do often portray Western Confederate and many of us have civilian impressions as well.

Please visit our website for more info! http://www.pumpkinpatchmess.com/

* I work for the VA Regional Office in Indianapolis and I'm also the OIF/OEF Coordinator.