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05-02-2007, 09:36 AM
New Socks for Spring 2007!

Federal Issue Stockings -- You read about them in the "Columbia Rifles Research Compendium, 2nd Edition," see them in person at McDowell. Made of 100% wool to Quartermaster's specifications on a hand-cranked, period sock machine, with hand crafted heels and toes. Place your orders promptly, 5 pair are already in service with troops in the field.

"Flags" sock (1861?) As seen on Antiques Roadshow, this is the item that is causing all the controversy. 34 star U.S. Flag in the ribbing, Confederate 1st National under the heel.

Gentlemen, do NOT leave your socks at home. I'm bringing only a few pair of ready made socks. Unless I'm delivering an order you made previously, or arrive very early, I'll probably be sold out when you get there. As always, I will be taking in socks for repair. All woolen socks are welcome, whether hand or machine made, and I would truely appreciate it if you brought them in clean.

Additional reproductions I'll have available for you to examine and order:

Confederate Socks
1. Army of Tennessee Sock (1864)
2. "Museum of the Confederacy" sock (1862) This is the blue sock with the little cables in the ribbing, pictured in the Confederate Echoes of Glory. The original was made by Anne Richards of Bath County, Virginia and is in the Museum of the Confederacy.
3. South Carolina Sock (1864)
4. Alabama sock (1864)
5. Georgia sock (1864)

Union Socks
United States Sanitary Commission Sock (1861)
United States Sanitary Commission Sock (1865)
New York Sock (1861)
Kentucky Sock (1861)

I'll also have a small stock of sleeping hats ready made -- in spring the weather can change in a heartbeat.

I'm currently taking orders for 33 different documented sock types, Union, Confederate and citizen. I also have an extensive library of period and ethnic knitting documentation -- if there is a particular ethnic background that you portray, or a family heirloom you'd like copied so that you can wear a reproduction in the field, let's talk.

I also make 7 distinct varieities of shooter's mittens, as well as hats, balaclavas, mitts, wristers, scarves, mittens, gloves and tams.

He who orders early receives soonest.......

If you'd like an updated list of the items I'm currently making, drop me an email at ktimour@aol.com and I'll get it out to you right after McDowell.

Karin Timour
Period Knitting -- Socks, Sleeping Hats, Balaclavas
Warm. Durable. Documented.
Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society
Email: Ktimour@aol.com