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03-31-2006, 03:57 PM
Hi, I just bought a used Armi 1862 Richmond, and it is all perfect, except for the buttplate and nosecap. It once looked like the correct brass, but now it has faded??? to a nickel color with brass plating. Metal on the 2 pieces feels like brass, but it a nickel color. Should I buy new parts, polish/paint these, or try and remove nickel? Thanks

03-31-2006, 09:08 PM
Keep in mind that some of the early Richmonds were assembled with 1855 Springfield hardware from the seized armoury at Harpers Ferry. The use of the brass plating by Armi Sport is pretty crummy but could clean up fairly easy leaving you with steel or iron to work with.

Curt-Heinrich Schmidt
04-02-2006, 02:31 PM

In brief and to over-generalize....

C.S. Richmonds made into 1862 had iron M1855 buttplates, but Richmond seemed to have run out of the iron nosecaps earlier (after using BOTH surplus M1855 brass ones as well as iron.)
For some reason Harper's Ferry had for the Confederates a surplus of some 1582 brass nosecap castings, 518 in various stages of finish, and 1,074 polished and ready to go, on hand in 1861 even when the switch was made to iron in late 1859.
In February of 1862 the Richmond workers shifted from using brass rivets to screws for attaching the nose caps. Although records are missing,
it may have had something to do with the initial lack of Richmond machinery to drll and tap brass the Harper's Ferry nosecap castings. The machiinery or tools were not needed on the new brass nosecaps supplied in late 1861 and early 1862 by outside contractors to replace both the Harper's Ferry iron and brass ones used up.

About the third week of March of 1862 was the last time forged iron buttplates were made. However, the records for April are missing, but there are no iron buttplates made in the May 1862 records and thereafter.
May 1862 starts records of contractor deliveries supplying the brass buttplates.

IMHO, I would polish off/strip off the thin brass plating on the buttplate and nose cap and go with an "early" 1862 production as the lock date supports the use of an iron buttplate early in the year.
And the nosecap as well.

I do not remember if the EuroArms "Richmond" has a brass nosecap and not just a brass plated one? I believe they do, and it may be possible to retrofit a EuroArms one with a little work.

There are, of course, suppliers of "original" type M1855 and Richmond brass nosecaps as per originals for use on custom-builts. However, the Italians use their own kinds, sorta, "similar but not" design for nosecaps and an original type reproduction nosecap will not work well on the Italian repro's.

Curt-Heinrich Schmidt